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Broker Dealer - October 26, 2021

3 Ways the Home Office Can Position Advisors for Growth

As the wealth management industry continues to grow, even the most successful advisory firms have to adapt to stay ahead of the competition. Whether implementing new technologies to streamline advisor processes, allocating more time to advisor and AUM growth, or ensuring seamless collaboration between teams and the home office, it’s crucial that your advisors in the field are set up for success. Do your advisors see and feel that support?

Below are three paths firms can take to empower their advisors and align all stakeholders around growth:


Increase Efficiency & Simplify Workflows

Advisors are constantly juggling competing priorities and wearing different hats. So whenever a daily or regular process is made more efficient, their time savings can be reinvested in efforts that really move the needle on growth.

YCharts is built with efficiency and advisor workflows in mind so that time spent on investment management and report creation—crucial functions for nearly every advisor—is optimized and headache-free. The platform seamlessly ties together market monitoring, investment research, portfolio construction, and sharing insights with clients and colleagues.

The modern and intuitive YCharts interface sets the standard for advisor tools, while pre-built research templates and Quickflows condense popular and critical workflows into single-click efforts. Each user’s Dashboard is customizable for tracking the market, portfolios, and watchlists—and the home office can also push their approved lists to advisors, ensuring compliance and team alignment.

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Position your Model Portfolios & Proprietary Strategies for Growth

The two main hurdles to growing assets in firm-managed models are ensuring your advisors can access and understand the portfolios, and arming those advisors with tools to explain portfolio benefits to their end clients. When advisors have a robust understanding of model strengths and a means to communicate that information to investors, the value chain is strengthened and assets grow. By telling a model strategy’s story in the best possible light, advisors have the best chance to build client relationships and grow their book of business.

With YCharts’ Model Portfolios tool, your advisors gain access to stats, visuals, and information that help them better understand proprietary strategies and the unique benefits of each. By its collaborative nature, YCharts enables the home office to share managed models and recommended security lists to your advisors’ accounts. Additionally, presentation materials can be customized to highlight model strengths and standardized for sharing by every advisor at your firm. And it works both ways—advisors can upload prospect portfolios to YCharts and collaborate with home office counterparts in pursuit of a takeover.

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Combining the collaborative capabilities of Model Portfolios with other YCharts tools like Comp Tables for data comparisons and Fundamental Charts for visual creation, advisors are positioned to demonstrate their value to clients.


Enable Advisors to Grow AUM with Approved, Optimized Reports

Providing your advisors access to tools or technology is a shared investment in the growth of both their practices and the larger organization. In pursuit of efficiency and optimized best practices, the right tech stack can be a difference-maker for advisor productivity—and a lacking tech stack can be a hindrance to the same goal. By taking the guesswork out of repeated processes, such as portfolio report generation, your advisors can focus on building and managing relationships.

YCharts offers a number of easy-to-generate reporting options like FINRA-reviewed Portfolio Overview and Comparison Reports being the most popular amongst broker-dealer firms. Each report can be customized with your firm’s branding, colors, and specific disclosures, and certain data modules can be added or removed to highlight performance & risk, allocations and exposure, holdings breakdowns, and more.

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From the perspective of the broker-dealers, OSJs, or other large enterprises, this standardization is a win-win from a compliance perspective, and also adds visibility to proprietary models and preferred strategies while increasing advisor productivity.

With purpose-built tools and ample training from YCharts, recurring tasks like meeting prep, documenting due diligence, and portfolio construction become hyper-efficient and intuitive so your advisors can focus on one thing: growth.


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