The Best Bond ETFs: A Complete Guide

Many of us first encountered fixed income not through bond ETFs, but rather the physical savings bonds that were gifted to us as kids (thank you, Aunt Judy). Although bond ETFs and savings bonds are a bit different, advisors know fixed income’s consistent payments and low correlation to stocks are vital to a well-balanced investment … Continued

Twitter, Floating Rate Bonds, Fed Rate Hikes | What’s Trending on YCharts?

What’s Trending on YCharts?  pulls back the cover on YCharts data to reveal the stocks, funds, and economic indicators that people are searching for most (on both YCharts and Google). In April 2022, trending topics included Twitter and Elon Musk’s acquisition, floating rate (or bank loan) ETFs, and several treasury yields in light of the … Continued

Inverted Yield Curve, Chinese Stocks, Bond ETF Yields | What’s Trending on YCharts?

Every month, What’s Trending on YCharts?  takes a look at the traffic to different pages on YCharts and reveals the stocks, funds, and economic indicator pages that are being searched for most (on both YCharts and Google). In March 2022, trending data included the 10-2 Year Yield Spread, which recently and briefly inverted, Alibaba (BABA) and … Continued

Earnings Season Playbook: Q1 2022 Reports To Watch

Earnings season rolls around four times a year and brings with it a frenzy of information. After a year of strong earnings reports in 2021, the first results of 2022 may be a bellwether for the year to come. This rings especially true given how the major averages have sunk into correction, and even bear … Continued

New on YCharts: One-Page Portfolio Tearsheets

One-Page Portfolio Tearsheets are an exciting new addition to YCharts’ range of communication tools for advisors and asset managers. In addition to portfolio comparisons, FINRA-reviewed reports, and standalone visuals, One-Page Tearsheets provide a clean and digestible review of any investment strategy—and your clients and prospects will appreciate the simplicity. Available to all YCharts Professional users, … Continued

New on YCharts: Heat Maps for Stocks, Indices & Sectors

We’re excited to share that the Stocks Data page on YCharts has been enhanced with new heat map modules and a cleaner, redesigned interface. These and other updates give you a more digestible view of trending stocks, indices, and sectors, empowering you to make more informed investment decisions—in less time. Available to all YCharts users, … Continued

Streamlining Portfolio Construction, Reporting & Proposals with Integrations

When the data behind your client accounts and model portfolios is hard to get, repeated tasks like report generation, meeting prep, and portfolio maintenance can quickly bog down your day.  As a technology partner to thousands of advisors and asset managers, YCharts understands that accessing client data (and accessing it in the right places) can … Continued

PayPal’s PE, Gas Prices, the Ruble’s Crash – What’s Trending on YCharts?

Our What’s Trending on YCharts? series uses data to identify the stocks, funds, and economic indicator pages on YCharts that are getting the most traffic (from YCharts users and Google searchers alike). In February 2022, YCharts pageview data revealed the names and trending topics that are catching investors’ attention. Currently trending on YCharts are PayPal (PYPL) … Continued

$ARKK, Shopify & Tesla’s PE – What’s Trending on YCharts?

In the What’s Trending on YCharts? series, we pull back the data curtain and share which stocks, funds, and econ data pages on YCharts are getting the most traffic (from YCharts users and Google searchers alike). In January 2022, YCharts pageview data revealed what names and stories were catching most people’s attention. Namely, Tesla’s PE … Continued

Can You Hedge Volatility with an ETF?

As advisors know all too well, some clients just can’t stomach the day-to-day jerkiness of markets these days. More critically, volatility can also impact availability of capital. Purpose-built “limited volatility” or “low vol” funds, which screen out volatile stocks, have risen in popularity to join short-term treasuries as common volatility hedges. For the opportunists, derivatives-based … Continued