New on YCharts: Multi-Comparison Reports for Funds & Portfolios

Multi-Comparison Reports for portfolios and funds are the latest addition to YCharts’ meeting and communication tools for advisors and asset managers. Available to all YCharts Professional users, Multi-Comparison Reports can be customized with your firm’s logo, colors, preferred disclosure language, and custom benchmarks. Take a FREE Trial to Get Started with Multi-Comparison Reports   Compare … Continued

Kevin O’Leary’s 2023 Forecast & How to Win High-Net-Worth Clients

O’Shares Chairman and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary sat down with YCharts CEO Sean Brown to share his market outlook, investment philosophy, and tips for financial professionals to acquire high-net-worth clients in today’s volatile markets. Watch to hear how “Mr. Wonderful” and O’Shares Investments CEO, Connor O’Brien, characterize a possible 2023 recession and how this … Continued

Are We In A Recession? It Depends…

“Are we in a recession?” It’s a question many financial advisors have been fielding from their clients as economic uncertainty has only increased this year. The answer, however, depends on who you ask.  The short and technical definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, which is exactly what occurred in … Continued

$META’s Q3, All-in on FANG & Global Oil Supply | What’s Trending on YCharts?

In What’s Trending on YCharts? we reveal the stocks, funds, and economic data pages that are getting the most pageviews. This is a data-driven account of what’s currently most popular among internet-searchers and YCharts users. Recent traffic on YCharts reveals people are following following Meta Platforms (META), plus its free cash flow, P/E ratio, and market capitalization; … Continued

Are ESG Funds Too Expensive?

The SEC proposed new rules in 2022 to implement stricter reporting guidelines for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies, as well as aggregated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. See the SEC’s Fact Sheet for more details. If adopted, the SEC’s new rule would require registered firms to include ESG factors in fund prospectuses, annual summaries, and … Continued

Do ESG Funds Strengthen Investor Portfolios?

Earlier this year the SEC proposed new reporting rules for investment advisors and asset managers regarding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investments. While the SEC aims to establish standardized disclosure requirements with this rule, if adopted, it would provide investors and advisors with more robust data on which to assess their investment decisions. But how … Continued

Economic Update — Reviewing Q3 2022

US Stocks continued their downward slide in Q3 of 2022, marking three consecutive quarters in the red for all three major equity indices. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell the hardest with a 6.17% decline in the third quarter, followed closely by the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite. Download Visual | Modify in YCharts Below … Continued

New on YCharts: Scenarios Tool

The NEW! Scenarios Tool on YCharts enables you to run real-life scenarios, show the impact of withdrawals and contributions, and share better recommendations with your clients. Choose a portfolio, fund, or any other security and add one-time or ongoing deposits and withdrawals to create a client-friendly visual of the potential impact. To learn more about … Continued

Earnings Season Playbook: Q3 2022 Reports To Watch

Earnings season rolls around four times a year and brings with it a frenzy of information. The first six months of 2022 resulted in one of the worst first-half performances for stocks in history. Persistent inflation, “jumbo” Fed rate hikes, and a mighty-strong US Dollar have impacted not only market returns but underlying corporate earnings … Continued

TSLA’s Long Road Ahead, Bond Yields, US v. CAN | What’s Trending on YCharts?

In What’s Trending on YCharts? we reveal the stocks, funds, and economic data pages that are getting the most pageviews on YCharts. This is a data-driven account of what the internet is searching for and our users are looking at.  Recent YCharts pageview data shows that trending topics include Tesla (TSLA) and Fedex (FDX), both down more than … Continued