4 Ways Wholesalers Use YCharts to Increase AUM

With intuitive, powerful tools and data coverage for more than 40,000 mutual funds and ETFs, YCharts enables internal and external wholesalers, plus product and portfolio teams, to develop strategies and expertly demonstrate their funds’ value to advisor partners. Firms such as John Hancock and Thornburg Investment Management have incorporated YCharts into their sales processes because … Continued

Ben Carlson on Denominator Blindness

FEATURING BEN CARLSON, CFA Click to view in YCharts Q: Can you tell us about Ritholtz Wealth Management and what you do there? A: I’m the Director of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz. I sit on our investment committee where I help build client portfolios, manage risk, and communicate with clients about our investment philosophy. … Continued

In One Chart: How is Ezekiel Elliott like a Low Vol ETF?

Low Volatility ETFs are the Ezekiel Elliott of exchange traded funds — both have seen huge inflows of cash in 2019, and both have been outperforming. Ezekiel “Zeke” Elliott, who plays for the Dallas Cowboys, became the highest paid running back in the NFL when he signed a contract extension worth $90 million over six … Continued

How Ben and Michael use YCharts against Noobwhales

When it comes to finance and investing podcasts, Animal Spirits stands out as one of the most insightful and entertaining shows we listen to.  Part of what makes the podcast so appealing is how Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson, the show’s co-hosts, poke holes in the claims of investing talking heads and Twitter trolls. Noobwhales, … Continued

In One Chart: GE’s Other Inside Job

Last week, General Electric (GE) came under fire for an alleged accounting fraud that, if true, would constitute nearly 40% of the conglomerate’s $73 billion market cap. When Harry Markopolos went public with his report and allegations of fraud, GE shares fell 11.3% on the day, its biggest drop since 2008. In response, GE insiders … Continued

Introducing Model Portfolio Overview Reports

YCharts Professional users can now generate Model Portfolio Overview Reports, in just a few clicks, for any model portfolio, investment strategy, or blended benchmark. With this new functionality, YCharts will work with users to customize reports with their firm’s logo and color scheme, plus 17 different modules that cover returns, performance, exposures, risk, composition, and … Continued

Solving Student Debt with Ramp Capital

FEATURING TWITTER’S @RampCapitalLLC Q: Can you tell us about the origins of Ramp Capital and your philosophy on the increasingly popular #FinTwit? A: The origins of Ramp Capital go back to around 2013. Another anonymous blogger, Zero Hedge, recognized a phenomena where, at the close of the market every day, some mysterious buyer was coming into the … Continued

Will Boeing Stock Fly Again? Lessons From Crises Past

Share prices of Boeing Co (BA) are down sharply after the tragedy on March 10, 2019, in which an Ethiopian Airlines flight operating a Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed and killed all 157 people on board. This incident, combined with Lion Air’s October 2018 crash involving the same model plane, has caused regulators across the … Continued

In One Chart: If you put $10k into Snap Inc’s IPO

… you would now have $4,890 (a 51.1% loss, as of publishing). If instead you had bought a Chipotle steak burrito every day since the IPO, you’d still have $5,475 left over (plus 730 delicious burritos). On March 2, 2017, two years ago this Saturday, Snap Inc (SNAP) listed its initial public offering (IPO) on the … Continued

In One Chart: Is GE on sale?

You’ve likely followed General Electric’s (GE) recent struggles, culminating with their removal from the Dow Jones Industrial Average last week. The 125 year old American giant has seen a steady and constant decline in its share price since the beginning of 2017. Under Jeff Immelt’s reign as CEO, GE was burned badly on a few … Continued