In One Chart: How is Ezekiel Elliott like a Low Vol ETF?

Low Volatility ETFs are the Ezekiel Elliott of exchange traded funds — both have seen huge inflows of cash in 2019, and both have been outperforming. Ezekiel “Zeke” Elliott, who plays for the Dallas Cowboys, became the highest paid running back in the NFL when he signed a contract extension worth $90 million over six … Continued

In One Chart: GE’s Other Inside Job

Last week, General Electric (GE) came under fire for an alleged accounting fraud that, if true, would constitute nearly 40% of the conglomerate’s $73 billion market cap. When Harry Markopolos went public with his report and allegations of fraud, GE shares fell 11.3% on the day, its biggest drop since 2008. In response, GE insiders … Continued