NEW! Addepar Integration, Others Streamline Portfolio Workflows

When the data behind your client accounts and model portfolios is hard to get, repeated tasks like report generation, meeting prep, and portfolio maintenance can quickly bog down your day.  In collaboration with our industry-leading partners, YCharts’ portfolio holdings integrations enable you to quickly import data from a custodian or CRM platform to automate portfolio … Continued

New on YCharts: ESG Visuals for Stocks, ETFs & Mutual Funds

Dedicated ESG pages for stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds are now available on YCharts! Accessible from any security’s Quote Page (e.g. AAPL or DODGX), the new ESG Tab adds visualizations and new functionality to the platform’s existing ESG data set. Enabling you to research and evaluate a company’s or fund’s ESG traits and trends—and illustrate … Continued

New on YCharts: ESG Data for Stocks, ETFs & Mutual Funds

ESG Scores, Ratings, and related data are now available on YCharts! More than 30 environmental, social & governance (ESG) data points have been added to YCharts, covering North American stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. Together and individually, ESG data points indicate how well a company or fund issuer manages its material ESG risks, and relative … Continued

New on YCharts: One-Page Portfolio Tearsheets

One-Page Portfolio Tearsheets are an exciting new addition to YCharts’ range of communication tools for advisors and asset managers. In addition to portfolio comparisons, FINRA-reviewed reports, and standalone visuals, One-Page Tearsheets provide a clean and digestible review of any investment strategy—and your clients and prospects will appreciate the simplicity. Available to all YCharts Professional users, … Continued

New on YCharts: Heat Maps for Stocks, Indices & Sectors

We’re excited to share that the Stocks Data page on YCharts has been enhanced with new heat map modules and a cleaner, redesigned interface. These and other updates give you a more digestible view of trending stocks, indices, and sectors, empowering you to make more informed investment decisions—in less time. Available to all YCharts users, … Continued

Using Scatter Plots in Client Communications

We’re excited to share that a new tool, Scatter Plot, has been added to YCharts as another way to visualize and share security, portfolio, and market data. Available to YCharts Professional users, Scatter Plot enables you to illustrate risk vs. reward for different securities, plot your portfolios against an efficient frontier, and understand how individual … Continued

New on YCharts: Client-Friendly Data Table PDFs

YCharts users have a new way to share their investment insights with clients! Data views built in Comp Tables—a tool that creates clean, formatted data tables using securities, metrics, and custom scores of your choosing—are now exportable as client and printer-friendly PDFs. Whether comparing securities, evaluating your firm’s model portfolios, or auditing a holdings list, … Continued

New on YCharts: Custom Securities

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to the YCharts platform: Custom Securities. Simply put, Custom Securities enable you to upload your own data into YCharts, access performance, risk, and other metrics calculated off that data, and create holdings to use within Model Portfolios. You can use Custom Securities to add your portfolios’ past returns … Continued

New Product Announcement: Dynamic Model Portfolios

We’re excited to announce Dynamic Model Portfolios as the latest addition to the YCharts platform. This game-changing enhancement to YCharts Model Portfolios, one of our most powerful tools, enables improved analysis and provides even more ways to communicate your strengths as an investment advisor. With new Dynamic Model Portfolios, you’re able to present and discuss … Continued

Quickflows: A portfolio, stock and mutual fund comparison tool

Quickflows leverage YCharts’ already powerful tools and data to conduct higher quality research, and in less time. The portfolio, stock, and mutual fund comparison tool draws on best practices of experienced YCharts users, condensing highly impactful workflows into single-click efforts via an easy-to-use and always-handy menu. We know that for investors and advisors, time is … Continued