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Expert Tips - October 1, 2018

Expert Tips: Excel Add-in

Expert Tips are designed to help you get the most out of your YCharts subscription. Hone your skills, practice new ones, or email hello@ycharts.com if you have any questions.

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Flatten Formulas in YCharts Excel Add-in

Export Data to Excel from Charts

Excel Add-in Reference Guides



Flatten Formulas in YCharts Excel Add-In

The YCharts Excel Add-In dynamically links to YCharts data and pulls in the most up to date values. Want to save values for a certain point in time or share with non-Add-In users? Highlight a cell or range, click the “YCharts” tab, then “Flatten” to lock in values without YCharts formulas.




Export Data to Excel from Charts

Click “Export Data” to download the data behind a Fundamental Chart. The data will be made available as a .csv file ready for immediate use in Microsoft Excel.

export data from charts NEW CHARTS



Excel Add-in Reference Guides

The YCharts Excel Add-in saves you time and increases efficiency by automating all of your Excel-based investment models. Navigate to the Reference Guides page to access multiple resources that can help you get started using the Excel Add-in. YCharts Professional users also have access to 40 pre-built Excel templates.


excel reference guides

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