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Product - February 7, 2018

How YCharts Enables Our Customers to Succeed

YCharts is shining the spotlight on one of our Customer Success Managers, John Feller. John has been an integral part of YCharts support for over three years, spending his days enabling our customers to make smarter investment decisions. From answering support tickets and website chats a few years ago to effectively managing an entire region of professional clients, John has seen it all.

Getting to Know His Clients

As a Customer Success Manager, John’s role is to make sure all of his clients are finding value in YCharts’ tools and enabling them to succeed, each specific to their individual and business needs. John speaks with clients on a daily basis. Much of his time is spent answering product related questions or strategizing new ways to help his clients propel their businesses. Although the team has grown substantially since coming on board as the first support representative, John makes it his priority to understand each of his clients’ needs, allowing him to help determine where he can add value in their daily processes. John finds it important to have frequent communication with his clients so he can anticipate what they need, share the latest features and further enable them to make smarter investment decisions.

Enabling Time-Savings

When John isn’t demonstrating product features or answering questions, he is coming up with new ways to save his clients time. John creates all of the product tutorials that you see on YCharts. Being able to showcase new features in a few simple steps on the site gives our clients time back in their day (that they may have spent calling or chatting in to learn about). “I want to cultivate learning at any time convenient for our clients, not just when we are in the office” says John.

John knows his clients wear multiple hats and he wants to limit the amount of extra time spent on investment research. To do this, John makes regular check-ins to ensure his clients are using the product as efficiently as possible while sharing tips and best practices.

“Our clients’ time is valuable,” John explains, “And if there is an inquiry that I can answer in just a short amount of time on the phone, I am ready to help.”

One of John’s prouder moments was having a client tell him he saved her firm hours each week. After a few months of using YCharts, John uncovered that she was still manually updating one of her Excel spreadsheets and he wanted to help her find a way to be more efficient. “My client’s assistant was spending 3–4 hours each week manually updating a model. I asked her to send me the exact spreadsheet and I was able to send her back a new dynamically-linked model with all the information she needed,” John explains, “and best of all, it updated for her automatically.” John thrives off helping his clients become more efficient and saving time.

Using YCharts for His Own Investing

John is constantly using YCharts to make his own smart investment decisions. The chart browser within the Technical Charting tool is one John finds most useful. This tool allows him to visualize any list of securities within the chart. “It’s the best way to quickly get a read on every individual security. When nearly every other charting service has you type tickers in one by one, YCharts gives you a quick advantage to view each investment option in the list,” John explains. John even has his own calendar alert set every morning to check his securities in the Technical Charting browser to keep tabs on his watchlists. This morning routing only takes him about two minutes.

John’s favorite YCharts tool: The YCharts Technical Chart Browser

Creating Success

At the end of the day, John wants his clients to be successful using YCharts and there are many ways to define success using the tool. Success can come from finding new investment ideas, performing better analysis and discovering more efficient ways to monitor the markets. He even talks to clients who use YCharts as a prospecting tool. “Some clients use YCharts to better target their business to the right prospects. This has led to a significant ROI on what they paid for YCharts. It’s a happy success,” John adds.

YCharts is unlike any other fintech company when it comes to customer service and John is a great example of that. Our team of customer success managers are ready to help our clients succeed with the platform and make smarter investment decisions. Over John’s tenure at YCharts, he has seen and helped hundreds, if not thousands, of clients. Through it all, John believes in the product and his strong commitment to helping others. As a company, YCharts strives to cultivate people like John and believe firmly that their efforts add significant value to our clients.

John Feller- YCharts Support Superstar

Written by Jamie Rothberg

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