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mYCharts - February 24, 2020

Investment Scorekeeping with Investopedia’s Caleb Silver



Q: Describe your day-to-day at Investopedia. With all of the great content on the site, what are the key areas in which you’re trying to educate investors?

A: As the Editor-in-Chief of Investopedia, I’m responsible for ensuring content quality across the site, which includes our 30,000 articles and financial definitions, FAQs, news articles and videos. Additionally, I write two daily newsletters that help break down current news for the individual investor through an educational lens. I’m constantly looking for analysis, trends and themes in the investing world that we can help explain to our 23 million monthly readers in a way that educates and empowers them to take action.

Q: You’re regularly using YCharts to screen for the top gainers and losers on the day. Why is it important for investors to keep an eye on daily stock performance?

A: Daily stock performance is like scorekeeping for investors in the middle of a season. We are trying to show price movement for widely held stocks and add context as to why a particular stock made a meaningful move. The day to day changes are interesting, but not as important as the trend and the reasons behind that trend. YCharts is great at helping provide both.

Q: Why did you decide on YCharts for your investment research and analysis? What was a key differentiator for you?

A: We are always looking for the best and clearest way to inform and educate our readers, both on Investopedia and through other channels like newsletters, articles and social media. YCharts provides visually appealing and easy-to-use charts with a multitude of options for showing trends, comparisons and deep dives into the financial metrics that really tell the full story of publicly traded companies and markets. As power users of the platform, we are able to think about the most interesting ways to use charts or tables to illustrate a point. We work closely with the YCharts team to find the best ways to present insights to our readers in an intuitive, actionable way.

Q: What advice do you have for investors and finance professionals for creating their own newsletter, blog, or other investing-centric content?

A: Find a specialty and an audience that is underserved in the financial media landscape and go deep with it. Investors are passionate and intellectually curious. If you can find the one area of expertise where you can create a unique voice and a following, go deep in that area and find the right partners to help you tell your story.

Q: You’re using YCharts frequently in your analyses. How would you say our platform enables you to share smarter insights?

A: I love the options for creating dynamic charts that use highly relevant financial metrics in ways that visually tell the story in an eye-blink. That is our favorite element of YCharts. Our daily newsletter audiences are very smart and engaged investors who ask a lot of questions. I often use their questions as a jumping off point for a new column or a continuation of an editorial theme in my daily coverage, and it’s great to work with a partner like YCharts to come up with those solutions. Although the platform is really easy to use, I’ve really appreciated the fact that the YCharts support team is also incredibly responsive inquiries when, on occasion I’m trying to do something completely new, and need some assistance.

Caleb Silver

Editor-in-Chief at Investopedia



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