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Product - July 16, 2018

New Product Announcement: Email Reports

We’re excited to announce our newest product addition — Email Reports.

YCharts Email Reports are fully customizable and give you the ability to construct tailored market updates sent straight to your inbox at intervals of your choosing.

There are innumerable options available for market update emails — each varying in quality of format, content, and readability. YCharts’ Email Reports is groundbreaking in its level of customizability. We’re taking the pain out of finding a market update email that checks every box on your list with our proprietary and dynamic Email Reports.

To get started, we’ve highlighted the common ways you can benefit from customizable Email Reports.

1. Stay on top of key holdings’ performance

One example of the nine modules you can add to your Email Reports is the “Stock Security List Review”. This module lets you select the securities that are important to you and shows returns over multiple periods with high level volume and market capitalization figures.

The “Stock Security List Review”, shown below, is great for keeping a finger on the pulse of your major holdings or other securities you’re considering adding to your portfolios. There’s no longer a reason to subscribe to lengthy email updates for just one piece of data relevant to you. YCharts will deliver exactly the data points you want right to your inbox.

Within any Email Report module, stock and fund tickers are dynamically linked to YCharts. If a big price swing catches your eye and you want to take a deeper dive, click any company or fund name and you’ll be taken directly to the respective YCharts page.2. Monitor market trends with fundamental charts

Charts for stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds can also be added to Email Reports. The “Fundamental Charts” module, an example shown below, is ideal for viewing benchmark trends or security returns over time. Having this information sent to your inbox daily or weekly keeps return metrics top of mind — making it easier to communicate both internally and with clients or prospects.

3. Stay on top of events that move the market

Stay up to date on stock events and major economic releases with the “Economic and Stock Event Calendars”. Available as both forward- and backward-looking reports, these modules include key dates based off your own security watchlists or selected economic indicators.

Because earnings calls, dividend announcements, and economic reports affect the risk any of your positions may carry, staying informed is vital to effective portfolio management. As with the “Security List Reviews”, every item in “Stock and Economic Calendars” is linked back to the respective YCharts page, enabling deeper research when necessary.

We pride ourselves on making investment research, chart building, and client communication both powerful and intuitive; Email Reports add further to these objectives with customizable and easy to access information.

YCharts Professional users have full access to Email Reports. For more information on getting started with Email Reports, or getting access to the tool, reach out to your support contact or start your free trial at www.ycharts.com.

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