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Email Reports

Get the data you need to stay informed

Stay ahead of movements with customized market updates. Email Reports can include charts, data tables or events calendars for the securities and economic indicators you care about most. Daily, weekly or monthly updates keep you informed to better communicate trends to clients and prospects.

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Customizable Alerts

Receive notifications wherever, whenever

Set up alerts for securities’ earnings reports, new financial statements, significant price movements and more. Alerts are integrated with YCharts Screeners and notify you whenever a security enters or falls out of a screen and can be sent directly to your email inbox, YCharts Dashboard, or both.

Email Reports

Fundamental Charts

Create visuals to share your insights

Answer client questions or compare stocks, mutual funds and ETFs on nearly any metric. Fundamental Charts make even the most complex analyses more visual, intuitive and shareable. To share with clients and prospects, add your firm’s logo and distribute via email, blog, newsletter or social media.

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Castlebar calls YCharts their “super-intern”

Castlebar is an RIA, wealth management, and financial planning firm in the Kansas City area, with approximately $30 million in assets under management. Always looking for new technology to improve internal processes, Castlebar turned to YCharts to save time and keep their investment models up to date.

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