In One Chart: Setting New Highs Despite Volatility

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor,” as the adage goes. While varying forces have thrashed investors every which way over the last couple years, stocks have stayed their course as the market has continued to set new highs. With trade wars, tariffs, and now conflicts with Iran, one might assume that equities markets … Continued

In One Chart: Cryptomania Part Two?

Remember Bitcoin? You know, the cryptocurrency that led the decentralized currency revolution and was going to change the world? (Then… didn’t.) It’s hard to believe it was only 15 months ago, in December 2017, that Bitcoin’s price crested $20,000. At that time, retail investors heralded the future of payments, regulators asked, “Bit- what?”, and some guy accidentally … Continued

In One Chart: Volatility, Data Fees Drive Exchange Owners Higher in 2018

While volatility has been a persistent, negative theme in 2018, it has pushed exchange owners’ share prices higher on the backs of increased trade volume and data fees. Intuitively, as more investors seek to protect themselves from market swings, they trade more (and pay more fees) to do so. Intercontinental Exchange Inc (ICE): Q3 of 2018 … Continued

How Research Creates Opportunity in Volatile Markets

2018 is the year of the VIX — everyone’s talking about it and most are afraid of it. For the first time in a while, investors are needing to tap into their fight or flight instincts. And while you may be tempted to choose the latter, there’s a case to be made for fighting. First, a quick … Continued