In One Chart: Setting New Highs Despite Volatility

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor,” as the adage goes. While varying forces have thrashed investors every which way over the last couple years, stocks have stayed their course as the market has continued to set new highs. With trade wars, tariffs, and now conflicts with Iran, one might assume that equities markets … Continued

In One Chart: Fed’s Best Recession Predictor

Economic uncertainty has been plentiful in 2018. Those worried about a recession will point to trade wars and hawkish interest rate hikes as reasons to expect economic downturn. On the contrary, others say the recent trade accords with Mexico and overall growth in the stock market signal a strong economic outlook. Even while major indices like the … Continued

2017 U.S. Market: A (Brief) Year in Review

Running with the bulls 2017 has seen major U.S. Index highs, atypically high growth in numerous sectors and industries, and growing concerns about a market pullback after this record run. With only a few weeks remaining in the calendar year, the S&P 500 is up over 18%, though the NASDAQ Composite and Russell 1000 Growth … Continued