In One Chart: The FAANG Shuffle

Earnings are a funny thing. Apple (AAPL) announced earnings yesterday and relayed that quarterly revenue dropped to $58 billion from $61 billion a year ago, then shares popped 4.5% after hours. Just earlier this week, Google’s parent company Alphabet (GOOG) reported quarterly revenue of $36 billion, compared to last year’s $31 billion, and then promptly … Continued

In One Chart: If you put $10k into Snap Inc’s IPO

… you would now have $4,890 (a 51.1% loss, as of publishing). If instead you had bought a Chipotle steak burrito every day since the IPO, you’d still have $5,475 left over (plus 730 delicious burritos). On March 2, 2017, two years ago this Saturday, Snap Inc (SNAP) listed its initial public offering (IPO) on the … Continued

In One Chart: FB Drags New Comm Services Sector

The new S&P 500 Sector, dubbed “Communication Services”, officially launched on September 28th. But the Communication Services Select Sector SPDR® ETF (XLC), which tracks the S&P 500 sector, has been live since June 18th. Communication Services is the new GICS Sector Classification that is replacing S&P’s old Telecommunication Services. It is considerably larger than its predecessor and … Continued

In One Chart: Facebook & Apple – A Tale of Two Earnings

Facebook (FB) and Apple (AAPL) could not have had more different earnings announcements. While the social media giant posted the largest single-day market cap loss ($119 billion, or 19%) in stock market history, the consumer tech stalwart today touched a market cap of $1 trillion, the first company ever to do so. In combination, Facebook’s … Continued

In One Chart: Netflix Climbs Ahead of Earnings

Netflix (NFLX) is the top performing S&P 500 component in 2018 — up 118.1% since January 1. The internet-TV stalwart will release its earnings report on Monday, July 17 and the market is anything but bearish. In fact, Netflix has already surpassed its $365.57 price target, a mark it wasn’t expected to reach until December … Continued

Impact Investing – 4 Things You Need To Know

1. ESG and SRI — How they’re different Environmental issues are more relevant (and trendy) than ever. Protecting and preserving the environment has become a focal point in modern politics — and it’s slowly but surely creeping into the investing world. Situations like the BP (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the … Continued

How Research Creates Opportunity in Volatile Markets

2018 is the year of the VIX — everyone’s talking about it and most are afraid of it. For the first time in a while, investors are needing to tap into their fight or flight instincts. And while you may be tempted to choose the latter, there’s a case to be made for fighting. First, a quick … Continued