5 Trends Financial Advisors Should Discuss with Clients in 2018

Every year, it gets increasingly important to anticipate technology advances rather than chase after them. With YCharts’ 2017 year in review complete, it’s time to get in front of the forecasted trends for 2018. There have been noticeable changes happening in the financial world, including but not limited to the surge in cryptocurrency trading and the continued … Continued

The Plight of the Modern Financial Advisor: Time is Not on Their Side

Financial advisors come in all shapes and sizes, but all have one unifying trait — their time is limited. Most advisors wear many hats — sales, support, research, IT, compliance, HR, planning — the list goes on. I hear the phrase “I’m just so busy” at least three times a day when I’m talking to … Continued

Robo-Advisors: Friend or Foe?

By Andy Prudhomme, Customer Success Manager at YCharts The Rise of Machines and Automation It’s impossible to deny that the increasingly rapid advancement of technology in today’s global economy is meaningfully reshaping how businesses and customers interact and make decisions. Some of the most prominent technological advancements taking hold of firms’ R&D departments include artificial intelligence, machine … Continued