Advisors: Do Clients Perceive Your Value?

As a registered investment advisor (RIA) there are two common methods for growing your firm: Method 1: Grow AUM in current accounts. Method 2: Grow AUM by adding new accounts. Top advisors recognize that sustainable growth requires them to simultaneously focus on both methods. In order to grow the quantity and size of accounts managed, advisors must … Continued

In One Chart: Is Pepsi Trying to “KO” Coca-Cola?

Historically the largest TV event each year, the intensity of this year’s championship game pales in comparison to another battle playing out in Atlanta. Out-of-towners PepsiCo (PEP) have launched an aggressive marketing campaign against the home-team Coca-Cola (KO). Pepsi’s advertising around the stadium has consisted of placing a bronze statue of their founder, Caleb Bradham, … Continued

In One Chart: Lam Research ($LRCX) Leads Chipmakers Higher

Followers of the semiconductor manufacturing industry know that 2017, in which the iShares PHLX Semiconductor ETF (SOXX) gained 39.8%, was a very good year. Conversely, 2018 was a bad year, with SOXX falling 6.5%. Less than a month into 2019, positive earnings and cautiously optimistic management guidance have analysts believing this year will be a … Continued

In One Chart: How This Government Shutdown Is Different… So Far

Good luck turning on your TV or checking the news online without hearing about it — Hundreds of thousands of government employees are on furlough. Republicans and Democrats are trading blame every hour. President Trump promised a wall and is threatening national emergency to get it. The current US government shutdown is the longest ever … Continued

Tax-Loss Harvesting Made Simple with YCharts

Tax-loss harvesting is a process, usually conducted annually, whereby investors seek to limit their portfolios’ capital gains taxes. Assuming you sold investments for a capital gain at some point in the year and will owe taxes on those gains, you may choose to sell other investments at a loss and offset the taxable income made … Continued

In One Chart: The Rise, Fall and Future of NVIDIA

NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) is an industry leading designer of graphics chips with a variety of applications including data centers, automotive, gaming, and cryptocurrency mining. In recent years, NVIDIA has gained notoriety due in part to its consistently impressive returns. Stock in the company posted a 223.8% gain in 2016, 81.3% gain in 2017, and a 45.2% … Continued

In One Chart: Volatility, Data Fees Drive Exchange Owners Higher in 2018

While volatility has been a persistent, negative theme in 2018, it has pushed exchange owners’ share prices higher on the backs of increased trade volume and data fees. Intuitively, as more investors seek to protect themselves from market swings, they trade more (and pay more fees) to do so. Intercontinental Exchange Inc (ICE): Q3 of 2018 … Continued

New Product Announcement: Model Portfolios

We’re excited to announce our most recent, and most requested, product development of this year — Model Portfolios. YCharts Model Portfolios combine the power of Excel with the ease and accessibility of a web-based platform. Select securities, percentage weights, and a benchmark — then analyze your portfolio’s performance, risk, and allocation metrics. Do all of this … Continued

In One Chart: Fed’s Best Recession Predictor

Economic uncertainty has been plentiful in 2018. Those worried about a recession will point to trade wars and hawkish interest rate hikes as reasons to expect economic downturn. On the contrary, others say the recent trade accords with Mexico and overall growth in the stock market signal a strong economic outlook. Even while major indices like the … Continued

In One Chart: Why Aren’t Rising Rates Helping Lenders?

Even as the hawkish Jerome Powell continues to raise the federal funds target rate, most banks’ share prices are flat or falling. In June, the target rate was raised by 25 basis points to a range of 1.75–2.00%. The federal funds target rate is the rate at which banks lend to each other short-term, and … Continued