New Product Announcement: Email Reports

We’re excited to announce our newest product addition — Email Reports. YCharts Email Reports are fully customizable and give you the ability to construct tailored market updates sent straight to your inbox at intervals of your choosing. There are innumerable options available for market update emails — each varying in quality of format, content, and … Continued

In One Chart: Unemployment Hits 18-Year Low

Global markets continue to rise on Friday’s U.S. jobs data. Markets closed higher in the final session of last week after the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported more favorably than expected. Particularly noteworthy was that unemployment dropped to 3.8% — an 18-year low for the U.S. Total nonfarm payrolls also increased by 223,000 in May — a marked uptick … Continued

Millennials Don’t Use Advisors – 3 Ways You Can Change That

So I’m a millennial — born in the ’90s, raised on Pop Rocks and the internet, living off quinoa and hummus — millennial. But when my millennial friends and I aren’t eating overpriced brunch or over-editing Instagram photos, we actually have more intellectual conversations than you might think. Things like cryptocurrencies and Robinhood have added a new … Continued

The Top Tool Advisors Are Thinking About Adding in 2018

In a recent blog post, we reviewed the top trends financial advisors should be prepared to discuss with their clients in 2018. The underlying theme within each trend was the fact that staying on top of technological advances has become essential for good client communication and overall maintenance of the advisor-client relationship, as this allows advisors … Continued

YCharts Enables TD Advisors to Make Smarter Investment Decisions

As the premier cloud-based investment decision making platform, YCharts offers TD Ameritrade Advisors comprehensive data with powerful tools and outstanding customer support to enable them to develop and visually communicate unique insights, make smarter investment decisions, and save significant time. After years of client conversations, product development enhancements and understanding how YCharts fits into the … Continued

Addressing 2018 Market Concerns

After experiencing one of the best years in the stock market in 2017, many investors question what’s in store for the markets in the upcoming year. The conversations — specifically amongst investment advisors — have switched from concerns about the Department of Labor (DOL) Fiduciary Rule, robo-advisors, and compliance to broader market concerns. While we cannot predict the … Continued

2017 U.S. Market: A (Brief) Year in Review

Running with the bulls 2017 has seen major U.S. Index highs, atypically high growth in numerous sectors and industries, and growing concerns about a market pullback after this record run. With only a few weeks remaining in the calendar year, the S&P 500 is up over 18%, though the NASDAQ Composite and Russell 1000 Growth … Continued

The Plight of the Modern Financial Advisor: Time is Not on Their Side

Financial advisors come in all shapes and sizes, but all have one unifying trait — their time is limited. Most advisors wear many hats — sales, support, research, IT, compliance, HR, planning — the list goes on. I hear the phrase “I’m just so busy” at least three times a day when I’m talking to … Continued

Need Help Appealing to Millennials? Try YCharts

By James McGuinness, Director of Sales at YCharts. Why YCharts? I get asked this question every day. Why should I explore YCharts as a research tool? What sets your solution apart? How is YCharts going to help me solve my business problems? Before I provide an answer, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is James … Continued

The YCharts Excel Add-In is Here to Help You Paint a Picture, Any Way That You Would Like

By Rushi Shah, Customer Success Associate at YCharts. One of my most influential college professors used to describe investing as an art. He would explain how even though a lot of it boils down to client returns and beating benchmarks, there’s an infinite number of ways to get there. In a time where it seems like one … Continued