“Some Losses Hurt Worse Than Others”

FEATURING JEFF MACKE Click to view $LYFT in YCharts “Some losses hurt worse than others” A private investor, director, author, social media personality, and former hedge fund manager — Jeff Macke is a lot of things. While he admits the “social media personality” moniker was somewhat of an accident, Jeff has taken his stature as … Continued

In One Chart: If you put $10k into Snap Inc’s IPO

… you would now have $4,890 (a 51.1% loss, as of publishing). If instead you had bought a Chipotle steak burrito every day since the IPO, you’d still have $5,475 left over (plus 730 delicious burritos). On March 2, 2017, two years ago this Saturday, Snap Inc (SNAP) listed its initial public offering (IPO) on the … Continued