In One Chart: Setting New Highs Despite Volatility

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor,” as the adage goes. While varying forces have thrashed investors every which way over the last couple years, stocks have stayed their course as the market has continued to set new highs. With trade wars, tariffs, and now conflicts with Iran, one might assume that equities markets … Continued

In One Chart: How This Government Shutdown Is Different… So Far

Good luck turning on your TV or checking the news online without hearing about it — Hundreds of thousands of government employees are on furlough. Republicans and Democrats are trading blame every hour. President Trump promised a wall and is threatening national emergency to get it. The current US government shutdown is the longest ever … Continued

In One Chart: Fed Hikes Rates, Market Hits New Lows

As the market expected, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) raised the target range for the Fed Funds Rate from 2.0–2.25% to 2.25–2.5%. Fed Chair Jerome Powell, who since taking the helm has been considered neutral, shared both hawkish and dovish comments in his address following the announcement. Powell’s and the FOMC’s decision to raise target rates … Continued