Inverted Yield Curve: What It Means and How to Navigate it

The 1-Year Treasury Bill’s┬árate of 4.62% is currently the highest among US treasuries as of November 2022. A little over a year ago, it was at 0%. Now, the 1-year rate is higher than the 3-year, 5-year, 10-year, 20-year, and even the interest paid by a 30-Year Treasury Bond, which yields 77 basis points less … Continued

How to Visually Explain the Rise in Treasury Yields

Treasury rates are on the rise, and yield-hungry investors are making moves to satisfy their appetites. The 20-Year and 30-Year US Treasury Rates are now higher than the S&P 500 dividend yield, but the opposite was true for most of 2020. Yielding slightly more than 2%, both these long-term rates are back to levels seen … Continued