Is the 60/40 Portfolio Drowning?

Is it time to revisit the 60/40 Portfolio?   “The 60/40 Portfolio Is Dead” (January 25, 2022)… ”Why a 60/40 Portfolio Is No Longer Good Enough” (August 12, 2020)… “Time for FAs to Rethink Portfolio Construction Rules: Execs” (May 13, 2022)… ”Traditional 60/40 portfolio has actually reached its expiration date” (September 2, 2021).    Apparently, … Continued

Can Active Management Still Add Alpha?

A unique approach to the age-old active versus passive management debate. Executive Summary Selecting the correct asset class tilt is ~10X as important as deciding whether to invest in Active vs. Passive Funds. (TABLE 1) Actively managed funds outperform passively managed funds by ~2 percentage points per annum, on average. (TABLE 2) Over the last … Continued