Can You Hedge Volatility with an ETF?

As advisors know all too well, some clients just can’t stomach the day-to-day jerkiness of markets these days. More critically, volatility can also impact availability of capital. Purpose-built “limited volatility” or “low vol” funds, which screen out volatile stocks, have risen in popularity to join short-term treasuries as common volatility hedges. For the opportunists, derivatives-based … Continued

Harness Volatility & Create Opportunity

While the CBOE S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX) has long served as a volatility yardstick for investors, the index again stepped into the limelight in March of 2020 when it spiked to its highest level ever. Just as was the case last year, investors are needing to tap into their fight or flight instincts early … Continued