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Product - February 20, 2018

The Top Tool Advisors Are Thinking About Adding in 2018

In a recent blog post, we reviewed the top trends financial advisors should be prepared to discuss with their clients in 2018. The underlying theme within each trend was the fact that staying on top of technological advances has become essential for good client communication and overall maintenance of the advisor-client relationship, as this allows advisors to anticipate customer needs and tailor their business practices accordingly.

As our team arrived back in Chicago after another exciting and enlightening T3 (Technology Tools for Today) Advisor Conference (#T32018), which consisted of many interesting keynote sessions and advisor conversations, we’ve been reflecting further on the ways that the theme of “adapting to technological advances” impacts the way we live, conduct business, and serve our clients.

During his keynote address, Ric Edelman, chairman and co-founder of Edelman Financial Services, said, “Technologies are changing virtually every aspect of life, and the financial industry is not immune.” For advisors, this highlights the importance of and need for exploring new technology to make smarter investing decisions on behalf of their clients and keep up with the latest innovations. With all of the fintech tools available for advisors, industry technology experts Joel Bruckenstein (T3) and Bob Veres (Inside Information), along with Advisor Perspectives, conducted a survey to analyze the market and presented a report to make it easier for advisors to navigate.

During the highly anticipated 2018 Survey Results session at the T3 Advisor Conference, YCharts was named the “Top Investment Data/ Analytics Tools People are Thinking About Adding.

Here’s why:

YCharts saves advisors time and money

Our platform enables vast time savings at a fraction of the cost of industry stalwarts and terminal-based solutions. According to a recent client survey, YCharts has improved the speed at which clients can conduct their research, saving them on average three to four hours per week. Specifically, YCharts improves time spent on:

      — Idea Generation

      — Investment Analysis

      — Monitoring the Markets

Clients leverage our powerful Stock and Fund Screeners for idea generation, the Fundamental and Technical Charting tools and Excel Add-in for investment analysis, and our real-time news feeds and alerts to monitor the markets. This leaves advisors more time to grow, serve, and retain their client base.

Our survey also revealed that our clients benefit from a 50% or greater savings compared to what they paid for technology used prior to YCharts, such as Bloomberg, Factset, Thomson Eikon, and others. No other platform allows advisors to leverage such a deep set of data and tools to track, compare, visualize, and analyze their client’s portfolios for the cost of YCharts.

YCharts is intuitive and easy-to-use

Even though YCharts covers an extensive amount of information, including roughly 21,000 equities, 64,000 mutual funds, 2,500 ETFs, and 400,000 economic indicators, all data is easily accessible in a predictive search bar. If you have an idea of what you are looking for, start typing and our platform will provide you with various options to select and then further customize within the tool, using quantitative and qualitative metrics. Because advisors need to leverage the latest technology, YCharts, as a modern financial tool, adapts to client needs and continuously adds new data and improved functionality.

Whether our clients are screening for investment ideas, diving deep into a company’s financials, or preparing a client presentation, YCharts offers an easy-to-use platform. We work hard every single day to make our clients happy, and that’s why YCharts is the top investment data/analytics tool advisors should consider using.

Advisors want easy-to-use technology with powerful tools and data that enable them to make smarter investment decisions. “Get your day back” is an appropriate mantra and one the YCharts team lives and breathes. The user-friendly technology we’ve built allows advisors to manage their client accounts in one place, aggregate the top metrics that are important for them to fulfill their fiduciary role, and actively monitor securities that fit their investing profiles.

As a result of the time and money we save our clients, they are able to foster their own client relationships to grow their businesses and move forward with a clean and simple investment research process. Take advantage of a complimentary trial to learn why YCharts was voted the top “investment data/analytics tool” to add in 2018. Save time and money, and let us help you get your day back.

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