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The YCharts Excel Add-In is Here to Help You Paint a Picture, Any Way That You Would Like

By Rushi Shah, Customer Success Associate at YCharts.

One of my most influential college professors used to describe investing as an art. He would explain how even though a lot of it boils down to client returns and beating benchmarks, there’s an infinite number of ways to get there. In a time where it seems like one out of every five articles I read explores the active vs. passive investing debate, if you are in the active space, being “artistic” in your analysis is extremely important.

The opportunity to be artistic is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job here at YCharts. I am a part of the Excel modeling team, where I listen to our users and see the various ways RIAs are analyzing and investing in the markets. Taking those insights, I build out a model to amalgamate this process of analysis with the comprehensive data YCharts has to offer. This is all possible with one of the most powerful tools that we have: the YCharts Excel Add-in.

To take full advantage of the tool, check out Expert Tips: Excel Add-in.

“One Page Equity Tear Sheet Template” on YCharts.com

The YCharts Excel Add-in has been a valuable tool that our clients enjoy with their professional subscription. The add-in allows you to pull in nearly every data point that you see on the YCharts platform into Excel. The beauty of this feature is that you can tailor the data to match your analysis in any way. Use cases of the YCharts Add-in span anywhere from a “secret formula” that gives you a price target to being able to find potential “golden cross” pattern candidates from a “watchlist” of stocks. The opportunities to be creative are endless and provide a catalyst for finding alpha.

The add-in allows you to pull in nearly every single data point that you see on the YCharts platform into Excel.

If you aren’t intrigued yet, the real game changer that we recently brought to market has been Portfolio Sync. If you really want to market yourself better than passive ETFs, imagine a custom two-page print out of your client’s holdings with return and risk metrics, along with sector, geographic, and asset allocations.

As you can see above, dynamic, up-to-date data is the name of the game with the YCharts Excel Add-in. As new accounts are chosen, the model will automatically update to be tailored for another client. With the support of our dedicated account management team, you can get your brokerage accounts tied to YCharts to work seamlessly with our platform.

One of my favorite parts of working at a growing fintech company is the proximity of our team. I enjoy hearing the buzz when our sales executives talk through the advanced features of our platform with our clients. Nearly every day, we welcome new YCharts users that are ready to dive into our Excel add-in.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that paintbrush, and let us at YCharts help you paint your investment picture. Contact YCharts to see how you can start a free trial and start leveraging our innovative charting, comprehensive data, powerful visualization tools, and advanced analytics.

If you don’t currently use YCharts, click here to sign up for a free 7-day trial.

Rushi Shah is a Customer Success Associate at YCharts, and is a part of the Excel Modeling Team

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