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Product - March 28, 2019

Top 3 Reasons CFAs Choose YCharts

In order to put your vast and detailed knowledge set to work, you need a platform that can keep up with your fine-tuned research process yet help you simplify and relay insights to clients, prospects, and colleagues. (Remember, they haven’t studied this stuff for hundreds and hundreds of hours).

CFAs need the horsepower of a Camaro with the convenient access of an Uber or Lyft. As such, many of the more than 3,000 professional advisors, wealth managers, and asset managers who trust YCharts for all of the above and more, carry a CFA designation.

So rather than hearing it from us, we asked a few YCharts-wielding CFAs to share how and why the platform has become an integral part of their technology stack.

Visualization & Communication Tools

Explaining to clients the theory behind your investment strategy is a subtle art. While a thorough, research-based investment strategy may provide alpha, it can only be implemented if a prospect understands it enough to buy in. You don’t buy a ’69 Camaro to leave it in your garage, you buy it to drive past your neighbor’s house!

Nik Schuurmans, CFA of Portland, Oregon-based Pure Portfolios, said he “writes a weekly blog that goes out to our entire network. YCharts allows me to create custom graphs to break down complex topics for our readers.”

A hallmark of the YCharts platform, Fundamental Charts allow you to visualize data on stocks, funds, economic indicators, and more. Schuurmans added that he and his colleagues “also use the interactive charts to test and implement our trend and momentum strategies.”

The chart below, showing iShares Core US Aggregate Bond ETF’s (AGG) performance over several interest rate cycles, is just one example of how YCharts makes complex topics visual and digestible.

CFA YCharts fed funds rate 10-2 spread AGG

YCharts also touts a powerful Excel Add-in that “makes pulling in data for further analysis quick and easy,” says Garrett Cayet, CFA of SFMG Wealth Advisors in Plano, Texas.

Whether adding value through a blog, discussing trends in an investment committee meeting, or sitting down to review a client’s portfolio, features like Fundamental Charts and the Excel Add-In are the visualization tools you need to effectively communicate your ideas to peers, clients, and prospects (and maybe even your Camaro-less neighbor, too).

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Expansive Yet Accessible Data

In today’s web-based world, easy access to quality data is a necessity. YCharts’ Company Pages, like this one for Apple Inc (AAPL), provide a snapshot of a security’s key stats without having to jump from one website to another.

“I use YCharts on a daily basis,” says Michael Batnick, CFA of Ritholtz Wealth Management in New York City and host of the Animal Spirits Podcast. “From fundamental information on individual companies to index data and everything in between, they always have what I’m looking for.”

As a multi-faceted platform with various tools and features, the Dashboard sits at the heart of YCharts. “Dashboards allow you to view all your key charts and holdings in one place and the Excel-plugin makes pulling in data for further analysis quick and easy,” added Cayet. “YCharts has been an immensely helpful platform for our firm.”

Below is a sample YCharts Dashboard. (Unlike a ’69 Camaro, this dashboard is not treated rosewood). You can create Watchlists of tickers you follow, view the latest economic data from governments and agencies, and add charts that track your Model Portfolios, specific indices, and more.

YCharts provides not only the vast quantity of securities and metrics you need, but also makes accessing that information a breeze. Ease-of-use is often mentioned by new users as a top reason for switching to YCharts.

Security & Portfolio Analytics

With the best-in-breed YCharts Stock and Fund Screeners, you can tap into 20,000+ publicly traded equities and 60,000+ mutual funds and ETFs, then narrow that universe to find securities fitting your criteria.

Cayet commented that “YCharts has been an immensely helpful platform for our firm. Their Screeners, Comp Tables, and Timeseries Analysis tools are incredibly useful for stock and investment fund analysis.”

Scoring Models, shown above, is a great example of how YCharts puts CFA-calibur knowledge into action. Scoring Models can create custom scores and rankings using 4,500+ metrics and allows you to hone in on the factors you consider most important.

Schuurmans says “it’s a powerful tool that leverages a huge data set, but it’s easy to use.”

Plus, you don’t have to learn stick to drive it.

Not only does YCharts check all the boxes on a CFA’s wish list, it also comes at a fraction of the price of traditional financial terminals.

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