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mYCharts - July 11, 2019

Trouble with the Curve


Q: Can you tell us a little bit about Accretive Wealth Partners and what you do there?

A: Accretive is a wealth management firm in New Jersey that primarily serves high-net-worth clients. My co-managing partners focus on planning while I’m the chief investment officer and run point on our portfolios. Our investment strategy is long-term focused with an emphasis on minimizing costs, turnover, and taxes.
Since we started Accretive we’ve been focusing on wealth management with a value prop that combines in depth financial planning with our internally managed model portfolios. As part of this strategy, we run diversified portfolios and two equity portfolios, one of which is growth-oriented while the other is an equity income strategy.

Q: How long have you been using YCharts?

A: I’ve been using YCharts since 2013 — back when the platform didn’t even have a Dashboard — and liked the product enough at that time that I jumped at the opportunity to become a small angel investor. Fast forward to present day and I can’t imagine YCharts without the Dashboard because it’s my go-to place for watching the market and checking up on our strategies.

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Q: When you put together your mYChart, what were you trying to understand or communicate?

A: I put this chart together using the YCharts Excel Add-in because everyone is talking about the yield curve and yet most people don’t fully understand it. The debate is whether the yield curve is predictive or if its inversion just creates a situation where the economy is vulnerable to setbacks.
I would argue that it’s not a foregone conclusion that a recession is imminent. In part, the market sell-off in May was a response to the changing slope and shape of the yield curve. In contrast to where we were a year ago, the market is now telling the Fed that short term rates are too high, and given the recent change in tone, it seems like the current Fed leadership is likely to listen. Personally, I only see inversion as an issue if these conditions persist for some time.

Q: Is there a secret tip or shortcut that you’d like to share with other YCharts users or someone considering trying out the platform?

A: The Excel Templates — YCharts’ universe of templates cover things like portfolio comparisons and client communications — it continues to impress me. If you’re ever doing some intense Excel modeling, I would recommend checking YCharts’ template database or calling in because it’s likely that another customer has faced a similar need or pain point, and YCharts can customize a solution for you.

I’ve always appreciated how receptive YCharts is to hearing new ideas and how they want to make using the platform a better experience. I can’t stress enough how valuable that is as a user of YCharts. Click to view YCharts’ Excel Templates

Q: In a recent client survey, YCharts users indicated that the platform saves them 3–4 hours per week. If this time savings is true for you, what do you do with your extra time?

A: Saving 3–4 hours is probably an undersell; YCharts saves me a significant amount of time. As CIO, I’ve been using that saved time to be more thoughtful about our portfolios and prioritize due diligence. I’ve also been spending more time writing on Accretive’s blog to get our thoughts out there and help our clients understand our thinking and where we can add value.
Being educated is empowering and we’re using data and visuals from YCharts to empower our clients. Being able to do research and then communicate the insights you gain to clients in a way that resonates with them… that’s extremely valuable.

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