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Product - April 24, 2019

We Are Here To Help

(L to R: Josh Brown, Sean Brown, and Michael Batnick)

Sean Brown, YCharts President and CEO, visited our friends at Ritholtz Wealth Management in New York to catch up and talk about how YCharts helps financial advisors.

Sean sat down with Ritholtz’s CEO, Josh Brown, and Director of Research, Michael Batnick. Never short on jokes, the trio shared laughs as well as insights on the current landscape facing wealth advisors and financial planners.

In particular, they discussed the ubiquitous time-crunch that many advisors deal with every day. Sean said of a recent YCharts client survey, “YCharts saves advisors 3–4 hours per week.” He added that survey participants, “tell us their time is worth $200 an hour. So YCharts pays for itself in the first five days of the month. And that got us pretty fired up.”

Sean is prone to getting ‘fired up’. When Josh asked Sean for his one message to advisors, Sean stared down the camera and declared: “We are here to help.”

When asked about advisors who use YCharts calling in to ask for help with their portfolios and investment analyses, Sean said, “we love to talk to them. Our value prop is not to be this digital service that you can’t find a phone number for, and you can’t talk to a human being. Sometimes they [advisors] need analysis help, sometimes they need help in the tool.” And YCharts is always happy to take that call. (Or email, or live chat.)
The motley crew of Browns (unrelated) and Batnick also talked about YCharts Model Portfolios, a tool designed to help advisors develop, maintain, and communicate their investment strategies to clients and prospects.

Ritholtz’ Josh Brown said of Model Portfolios, “the big thing is communication. And part of client services is being able to make the results of a portfolio make sense to a client. Even if markets don’t make sense, at least you could explain what the drivers are… that’s an important thing.”

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