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Asset Managers - June 18, 2020

YCharts 101 For Mutual Fund Wholesalers

Just like different investing strategies, investment research and sales tools come in a range of shapes and sizes. When searching for a solution that meets your needs, you’ll likely consider ease of use, research capabilities, customization features and affordability, among other factors.

YCharts combines all of the above—a modern and intuitive interface, high horsepower tools, customizable sales enablement materials, and an attractive price point—with unrivaled customer service to enable data-driven sales strategies and more meaningful client relationships.

To meet the ever-changing needs of mutual fund wholesalers and asset managers, we incorporate user feedback and industry trends directly into the YCharts platform.

Whether you’re exploring a free trial or have been using YCharts for years, these are some of the most impactful and dynamic features that help you extract maximum value from the platform. Scroll through each section below or click on a topic to go straight to that section.

Fund Screener
Fundamental Charts
Economic Data
Model Portfolios



Set Up Your Dashboard

Your YCharts Dashboard gives a holistic yet personalized view of the market with intraday price quotes, charts, and data for all of the mutual funds, ETFs and portfolios you closely follow. Since you choose the securities and information to display, your Dashboard keeps you abreast of the most relevant market movements for you, your investments and your competitors.

Add Watchlists of your most important Funds, ETFs or Portfolios

1. Click +Create a New Watchlist in the top-left of your Dashboard then select a security type — choose from Equities, Funds, Indices, Economic Data, or Model Portfolios.

2. Name your Watchlist — segment Watchlists in whatever manner works for you; some popular Watchlist ideas include “Fund Focus List” or “US Large Cap Growth Funds.”

3. Enter each fund name or ticker — suggested results will appear as you type, click a suggested result or type a ticker like “AGTHX” and press Enter on your keyboard.

4. Click the Data tab to see more detail, and click Options then Add Metric to Data View to customize with your preferred fund metrics.


Click to visit your YCharts Dashboard

Add Charts to your Dashboard

1. Click +Create a New Chart in the top-right of your Dashboard.

2. Name your Chart — use a name that matches the information your chart will show, like “Major Index Performance” or “Market ETF Watchlist”.

3. Add your securities — type to search for a ticker or fund name; suggested results will appear below.

4. Pick metrics — use the Browse menu to see what’s available, or type the name of a data point like “Total Return Price” or “Yield.”

5. Under Options, check the Normalized (% Change) box to format data as a percent change over time; to plot data in its original format, leave the box unchecked.

ycharts dashboard chart

Click to visit your YCharts Dashboard



Explore the Fund Screener

The Fund Screener narrows YCharts’ expansive fund universe to identify the ways your fund family stands out. The qualitative and quantitative filters enable you to build data-driven sales strategies and better position your offerings to advisor-partners. The YCharts Fund Screener’s ease-of-use allows you to pre-build screens, present them when meeting with advisors, and add additional filters on the fly to ensure conversations stay productive.

Fund Screener Overview

1. Click Tools in the top banner then select Fund Screener in the dropdown menu.

2. Use the MODIFY button to define a universe of funds based on qualitative information such as fund category, brokerage availability and more.

Example: Use the Brokerage Availability filter and type “Morgan Stanley Select UMA”  or similar to ensure advisor-partners have access to recommended funds.

fund screener brokerage availability

3. Use the ADD FILTER button to narrow the universe of funds based on quantitative metrics like asset flows, performance or risk.

4. After clicking ADD FILTER, the Create a Metric Filter module will open. Select from Range, Equation, Percentile or Rank filters then type to search for a fund metric or click Browse to see all available options.

5. Click New Fund Screen (unsaved) to Save or Name your Fund Screen, plus other options.

YCHARTS fund screener how to

Click to view in the YCharts Fund Screener

Templates in the Fund Screener

1. Click Tools in the top banner then select Fund Screener in the dropdown menu.

2. From the Fund Screener, click New Fund Screen (unsaved) then select the first option, New from Template.

3. Choose from categories like Equity, Fixed Income and ETF/CEF to see all available pre-built screens.

fund screener menu

Click to visit the YCharts Fund Screener



Create Visuals in Fundamental Charts

While most investment charting tools are limited to price, YCharts lets you visualize any metric, from alpha to yield and everything in between. Using Fundamental Charts, compare performance and valuations for multiple mutual funds, ETFs or portfolios, investigate trends in the market, and create client-friendly visuals with your custom colors and firm logo.

Fundamental Charts Overview

1. Click Tools in the top banner then select Fundamental Charts in the dropdown menu.

2. Use the left control panel to build a chart and select formatting options:

In the Securities field, type to search for security names, fund and company tickers, or economic indicator names.

Type to search for Financial Metrics you’d like to add or click Browse to see all available metrics by category.

Use the Data Format and Panel Layout options to adjust how data is presented in the chart.

Set the chart’s time period using the lookback period options just above the charting field, or use the Date Range selectors to define start and end points.

3. Click Presentation View – On/Off at the top right of the page to switch between the interactive and presentation-friendly views.

4. Click Export to download a sharable chart image and see print options.

mutual funds chart price yield

Click to view in Fundamental Charts

Templates in Fundamental Charts

1. Click Tools in the top banner then select Fundamental Charts in the dropdown menu.

2. Click New Fundamental Chart (unsaved) then select the first option, New from Template.

3. Choose from pre-built charts that visualize trends in Economic DataMajor Asset Classes and Equities.

4. Example below: the US Treasury Yield Curve Analysis template automatically creates a visual representation of recent trends US Treasury rates from 1 month to 30 year durations.

fundamental chart template us treasury yields

Click to view in Fundamental Charts

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Compare Your Funds and Competitors’ Using Quickflows

When evaluating and comparing mutual funds, ETFs or portfolios, use Quickflows to easily carry your analysis between YCharts tools. Quickflows streamline your competitive research and keep you organized by condensing highly impactful workflows into single-click efforts. The analyses that Quickflows enable draw on industry best practices and feedback from experienced wholesalers using YCharts, helping you conduct high quality research with less time and effort.

Single Security & Comparison Quickflows

1. Click the Quickflows Tab on the right-edge of your browser when using tools like the Screeners, Fundamental Charts, Comp Tables and others.

2. Click Single to see pre-built research views for individual stocks, funds or portfolios.

3. Click Comparison to evaluate 2-12 securities in a head-to-head analysis of performance, valuation and more.

4. To learn about more functionality, check out our Quickflows blog post.

Quickflows Menu mutual fund comparison



Tour our Economic Data Sets

The best wholesalers position their funds according to the current economic environment and trends. To inform sales strategies for your funds and portfolios, YCharts gives you access to more than 600,000 economic data series that add context to trends and help you make predictions about the market’s future direction. All leading indicators and economic reports on YCharts are sourced from reputable institutions like the Federal Reserve, Bureau of Labor Statistics and world-renowned universities, to name a few.

Economic Indicators Homepage

1. Click Data in the top banner then select Economic Indicators in the dropdown menu.

2. Under Economic Indicator Categories data sets are organized by topic, country or state, and source.

3. On the right hand side, an abridged Economic Calendar shows recent and upcoming economic prints, all linked to respective indicator pages. Click View Full Calendar to expand.

economic data ycharts

Click to view Economic Data in YCharts



Build A Model Portfolio

YCharts Model Portfolios enable you to compare your recommended strategies to a prospect’s current portfolio, visualize nearly any portfolio metric, and easily manage all of your strategies and benchmarks. Model Portfolios give you in-depth data and visuals for any basket of securities, making it the perfect tool for testing new investment ideas and adjusting strategies on the fly.

How to Upload and Create Your Portfolio

1. Click Tools in the top banner then select Model Portfolios in the dropdown menu.

2. From the Model Portfolios List page, click Create then Blank Model Portfolio in the upper-right corner.

3. Add your Portfolio details — select a Name, Description, Advisory Fee (if applicable), Benchmark, and Rebalancing Period.

4. Upload or type in your holdings — click Upload Data to add a .csv of your portfolio holdings and percent weights, or type to search for each ticker and enter weightings under Add Portfolio Items.

ycharts model portfolios

Click to build your Model Portfolio

Do Even More with YCharts Model Portfolios

1. From any Model Portfolio Quote Page, click the Performance, Allocations and Holdings tabs to dig deeper into period returns, sector and fixed income exposures and other portfolio-level statistics.

2. Click Report in the upper-right of a Model Portfolio Quote Page to generate a customizable PDF breakdown of your portfolio’s performance and stats. For better sales conversation materials, customize Portfolio Reports with your firm’s colors, logo, disclosures and more using this YCharts Customization Form.

ycharts model portfolios

Click to build your Model Portfolio

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Connect with YCharts

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