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Advisors - January 28, 2020

Feeling unproductive? YCharts aligns advisor teams for better collaboration

In light of fee compression and increased competition, many wealth management firms have a renewed emphasis on operational productivity metrics.

Adding in factors such as evolving investor demands and impending retirements can leave advisors feeling like they’re constantly playing defense; however, you might consider an offensively-minded approach to improving firm-wide metrics such as advisor productivity, revenue per employee, and revenue per client, leading to a more profitable practice.

When focused on making your team smarter, faster, and better at their jobs, meaningful tech implementations can be part of that offensive strategy. With great technology tools, your team can boost productivity metrics by streamlining processes, improving collaboration, and relieving administrative burdens associated with investment management.

Technology can also help wealth managers improve sales conversations, optimize portfolio management, and enhance idea generation. How does YCharts do this? Through enterprise-level functionality, cutting-edge capabilities, and a dedicated support staff that works as a partner to your business.

Align your team around model strategies

A lot of advisory firms build specialized teams that focus on either investment management or relationship management, but passing information back-and-forth between teams can be a frustrating bottleneck.

Through centralized model management, YCharts alleviates administrative pain points to get every member of your team rowing in the same direction.

If your firm uses a suite of model portfolios (to meet clients’ different risk tolerances, for example), YCharts enables you to easily push any number of proprietary models to everyone on your team. From their own YCharts account, each team member can then dig deeper on portfolios, download custom reports with firm logos and disclosures, or create visuals for use with prospects and clients.

In YCharts’ Model Portfolios tool, click ‘Share’ then select the teams to whom you’d like to give access. This limits that annoying back-and-forth with colleagues, and with less report printing, you might even save a few trees.

sharing model portfolios-3
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When investment committees make their quarterly or annual portfolio adjustments, why go through the hassle of distributing new documentation to every team member, not to mention following up to ensure new sales content is regularly being used?

With YCharts, every time you make changes to a shared Model Portfolio, they’re pushed to all stakeholders, instantly giving them access to the latest and greatest version.

If a member of your team wins new business using a portfolio comparison chart, share it with your broader team to replicate that success! Beyond the portfolios themselves, YCharts scales the production of tables, charts, or other visuals that are helpful when educating clients and prospects.

model portfolio comparison chart
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Collaborate on new investment ideas

Formulating new investment ideas, like picking stocks or searching for a low-fee ETF, can be a time-consuming task.

Repeating your research process every quarter or year, starting from scratch each time, can waste a lot of time and opens the door to mistakes.

YCharts’ Screeners help eliminate repetitive tasks, so there’s no need to duplicate your quarterly or annual research process. The Stock Screener filters more than 20,000 stocks on 4,500+ metrics while the Fund Screener analyzes over 60,000 mutual funds, ETFs, and CEFs.

Once you’ve fine-tuned your screens and found the right securities for your strategy, save and share your research with your team members. This documentation not only supports any fiduciary responsibilities, but also saves hours each time you conduct research, quarter after quarter and year after year.

sharing screens
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The Model Portfolios tool can also be used for idea generation. If you’re testing a new sector allocation, measuring the impact of a low-fee fund, or even just creating a FANG (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google) portfolio for tracking purposes, Model Portfolios is a quick and risk-free way to test your hypotheses.

Teams can continuously tweak their investment ideas, sharing ‘Edit’ permissions along the way, and come to strategic decisions through collaboration, all before putting any real money into the market.

editing model portfolio
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Keep your entire team in the loop

Wealth management firms with multiple locations know better than anyone that distance, especially across time zones, negatively impacts collaboration. Add the additional coordination needed to align investment teams and client-facing teams, and the problems compound.

YCharts makes it easy for teams working across geographies and functions to stay aligned and in-the-know.

Frequently, home offices supply their broader teams with pre-vetted securities lists (stocks or funds which the investment committee has researched and approved) from which advisors can build custom portfolios or sleeves.

Watchlists made up of stocks, funds, and even economic indicators can be compiled and distributed to every stakeholder at any office. If management makes changes to their approved securities list, their updates will be reflected across all users’ accounts.

edit and share watchlist
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Another YCharts tool that keeps your team in the loop is Email Reports.

With options for daily, weekly, or monthly distribution, Email Reports are fully customizable with charts, performance tables, and earnings calendars for your firm’s portfolios, securities lists, and any other stocks or funds you may care about.

Your company’s dedicated YCharts support contact can help set up distribution lists including any or all team members, automatically disseminating the latest information and performance data.

email report scroll through
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Improve your team’s productivity with enterprise technology

Addressing firm-wide or employee-specific productivity can be difficult. There’s a multitude of contributing factors, but arming your team with the right technology can not only boost productivity, but also free up capacity for everyone.

When technology improves collaboration and efficiency, your team will see significant time savings — time that can be used to improve relationships with clients or prospects, rather than searching for sales collateral.

Through digital tools like YCharts, your team can move the needle on productivity metrics that drive profitability and performance.


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