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Decks and White Papers

Sharable slide decks and in-depth research to provide market commentary and help answer the questions your clients are asking.


The Top 23 Charts of 2023

We’ve compiled visuals of the top market & economic storylines from 2023, plus written commentary for each. This handy slide deck also features visuals created by industry thought-leaders.

The Top 10 Visuals for Clients and Prospects

This free deck is filled with insightful visuals that illustrate key investing concepts for clients and prospects.

Quarterly Economic Summary Deck

Get the popular YCharts Economic Update, a client-friendly powerpoint deck that breaks down economic trends.

Monthly Market Wrap Slide Deck

Stay informed on the most important trends for advisors and their clients every month with our brandable slide deck.

Managing Rising Rate Environments Slide Deck

Access the supplemental slide deck for Managing Rising Rate Environments: Which Portfolios and Asset Classes Perform Best?

White Papers

How Do Presidential Elections Impact The Stock Market?

The Financial Advisor’s guide to answering election questions, with downloadable visuals.

2024 Advisor – Client Communication Survey

Involving nearly 800 clients of financial advisors, this survey uncovers what & how clients want to hear from their advisors and provides communication best practices that advisors can implement to achieve higher retention rates.

The Best Performing ETFs of 2023

We’ve compiled visuals & screens of the top ETFs from 2023 across size, style, and sector. Compare top Equity and Fixed Income ETF strategies with customizable screens, tables, and charts.

How Advisors Use YCharts to Save Clients Money on Taxes

The end of another year is approaching, when advisors often conduct tax management for clients. This guide helps advisors save time optimizing tax-efficient investment strategies to deliver more value to clients.

Managing Rising Rate Environments

We looked at how 10 distinct portfolio allocations and 11 individual asset classes performed in the last four Fed rate hike cycles, including 2022-2023, to see what performs best in rising rate environments.

How Can Advisors Better Communicate with Clients?

In our latest survey, we polled 670+ individuals to learn about what they want from their advisors and what has changed about those advisor-client relationships since Covid-19.

What Do Advisors Look For In Their Wholesalers?

YCharts surveyed both advisors and wholesalers to understand which offerings advisors see as most valuable, what wholesalers could be doing better, and how relationships have evolved since Covid-19.

How ESG-Focused Funds Impact Client Portfolios

We investigated the effects of “greenwashing” as well as the impact of substituting ESG-focused funds into a typical investor portfolio to see what impact they had on performance, risk, and of course…ESG scores.

Which Leading Indicators Best Predict Market Declines?

Is there any foolproof, or at least somewhat reliable, way to stay ahead of stock market declines? We measured how accurate and consistent 7 widely-followed leading indicators give advance warning to market declines, dating back to 1950.

The Impact of Mega Cap Stocks on Your Portfolio & The Market

This white paper examines what portion of a typical invesor portfolio is exposed to Mega Cap Stocks, how much of a portfolio’s value can be erased when one or more of these stocks crash, how the S&P 500 would have performed without them & more.

Can You Hedge It with an ETF?

This extensive research investigates whether ETFs, Bitcoin and Cash can be used to hedge against risk factors which are top-of-mind for investors, and arms you shareable with insights into each hedging strategy’s effects on portfolio risk and performance.

What Is The Optimal Portfolio Rebalancing Strategy?

This white paper arms financial advisors and planners with insights about how different rebalancing strategies, in combination with bullish or bearish market conditions, can affect portfolio performance and risk.

Examining SPAC Performance Pre- and Post-Merger

To better understand the SPAC lifecycle—from IPO, to merger announcement, through merger closing and beyond—we studied SPACs that successfully merged with operating companies to find when and why they performed best.

Breaking Down ESG, SRI and Impact Funds

This study provides valuable information and advanced research about mutual funds and ETFs that employ ESG, SRI, and Impact strategies, in order to enable informed conversations and smart investment decisions.

Coronavirus, Third-Party Models & In-house Portfolio Management

We surveyed hundreds of advisors and found that while third-party models and in-house management have their unique merits, advisors want and need to be more involved with portfolio management, especially during times of heightened uncertainty such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Portfolios, Risk, & COVID-19

This white paper studies portfolio performance and risk metrics to reveal new perspectives on: common risk metrics’ ability to properly inform investors, popular investing vehicles, and the value of professional financial advice prior to and during a market crisis.

How Can Advisors Better Communicate with Clients? (Dec 2019)

YCharts asked more than 650 people, all working with a financial advisor or planner, what they expect when interacting with their advisor and which aspects of communication could be improved.

Millennial Saving & Investing Habits

The millennial generation can often be a mystery. Luckily for the wealth management community, this survey aims to paint a picture of the millennial generation and provide insights into how to better serve it.


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