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Distribute portfolio reports to meet FINRA & SEC requirements

To help advisors engage with clients & prospects while adhering to compliance requirements, YCharts offers FINRA-reviewed and SEC compliant report templates. Plus, any report can be customized to meet your firm’s exact needs.


Optimize meeting preparation & research workflows

Add efficiency to every advisor’s day, and ensure they are operating within compliance standards, by automatically pushing home-office approved report templates & recommended research lists to every user’s YCharts account.


Customize & implement disclosure language across deliverables

Beyond the FINRA-reviewed and SEC-compliant disclosures built into YCharts, your firm may require a more tailored approach. The YCharts team will work with you to ensure the right disclosure language, data & definitions are included on all exportable assets for full financial advisors compliance.


Manage access to data sets, features & tools for all users

Control which users can generate reports or other outputs, access data sets like Separate Accounts (SMAs) & leverage other functionalities across YCharts. To drive alignment, home office users can control “edit” and “view” access for all portfolios, charts, screens, watchlists & more.



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