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The YCharts Webinar Series covers the latest market developments, trends in wealth management, and our platform’s most recently released features, with new airings every couple weeks. Guests like Josh Brown, Samantha Russell, and Charlie Bilello, and Michael Kitces join YCharts experts to break down everything important to advisors, asset managers and their clients.

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The YCharts Quarterly Economic Update

In search of resources for understanding market and economic trends, and communicating about them with clients? Get a free version of the popular YCharts Economic Update—a client-friendly powerpoint deck that breaks down economic trends—and access to a library of previous quarters’ presentations.

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White Paper: ESG Investing

Is It Easy Being Green? How ESG-Focused Funds Impact Client Portfolios

In this research, we investigated how “greenwashing” is driving interest in ESG funds, and whether those with better ESG marketing or higher ESG scores are winning the asset flows. We also examined the impact of substituting ESG-focused funds into a typical investor portfolio to see what impact they had on performance, risk, and of course…ESG scores.

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White Paper: Market Valuation Indicators

Which Leading Indicators Best Predict Market Declines?

Is there any foolproof, or at least somewhat reliable, way to stay ahead of stock market declines? This white paper looks at the accuracy and consistency of “overvaluation” alarms from 7 widely-followed leading indicators. Going back to 1950, we measure indicators’ correlations with S&P 500 forward returns and how early of a warning they gave investors in advance of market declines.

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White Paper: Mega Cap Stocks

The Real Impact of Mega Cap Stocks on Your Portfolio & The Market

It’s no secret that Mega Cap Stocks have played a major role in driving the direction of the market in recent years. This white paper examines what portion of typical investor portfolios are concentrated in the handful of Mega Cap Stocks, how much of a portfolio’s value can be erased when one or more of these stocks crash, how the S&P 500 would have performed without them and more.

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White Paper: Hedging with ETFs

Can You Hedge It with an ETF?

This white paper investigates whether ETFs, Bitcoin and Cash can be used to hedge against risk factors which are top-of-mind for investors, and arms you shareable with insights into each hedging strategy’s effects on portfolio risk and performance.

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White Paper: Rebalancing

What Is The Optimal Portfolio Rebalancing Strategy?

Most agree that rebalancing portfolios is a valuable best practice, but what is the optimal strategy for maximizing performance, or minimizing risk and the time commitment from advisors? This white paper arms financial advisors and planners with insights about how different rebalancing strategies, in combination with bullish or bearish market conditions, can affect portfolio performance and risk.

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PDF Research Guide

To SPAC-ulate, or Not? Examining SPAC Performance Pre- and Post-Merger

This Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) research guide arms you with advanced insights about the SPAC process and how it can affect lifetime share performance. To better understand the SPAC lifecycle—from IPO, to merger announcement, through merger closing and beyond—we studied SPACs that successfully merged with operating companies to find when and why they performed best.


Research Study

Breaking Down ESG, SRI and Impact Funds: Are advisors and clients speaking the same language?

Are you hearing questions about investment strategies like Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), and Impact Investing? This study provides valuable information and advanced research about mutual funds and ETFs that employ ESG, SRI, and Impact strategies, enabling informed conversations and smart investment decisions.


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How Do Presidential Elections Impact The Stock Market?

The Financial Advisor’s guide to answering client questions about the election—with downloadable charts and visuals. While you might expect that the president and their political party can move the market, it’s unclear to what degree that’s actually true. We created this guide to answer the most common, burning questions that financial advisors are asked as an election looms closer — and each visual can be individually downloaded for use with your own clients.


Advisor Sentiment Survey

Coronavirus, Third-Party Models & In-house Portfolio Management

While financial advisors remain divided on third-party investment strategies and their likeliness to adopt such solutions, the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on capital markets has added new variables to advisors’ decision. We surveyed hundreds of advisors and found that while third-party models and in-house management have their unique merits, advisors want and need to be more involved with portfolio management, especially during times of heightened uncertainty.


White Paper: COVID-19

Portfolios, Risk, & COVID-19

No one could have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic or devastating market collapse it caused, but could investors have been better prepared? This white paper studies portfolio performance and risk metrics to reveal new perspectives on: common risk metrics’ ability to properly inform investors, popular investing vehicles, and the value of professional financial advice prior to and during a market crisis.


Survey of Advisors' Clients

How Can Advisors Better Communicate with Clients?

YCharts asked more than 650 people, all working with a financial advisor or planner, what they expect when interacting with their advisor and which aspects of communication could be improved. 88% of clients said they would consider communication style and frequency before referring their advisor to family and friends.


Investor Survey

Millennial Saving & Investing Habits

The millennial generation can often be a mystery. When evaluating the generation from a wealth management standpoint, several questions are commonly asked. Do millennials take investing seriously? Are they savers, playing the long game, or spenders looking for near term gratification? This analysis aims to paint a picture of the millennial generation and their financial well-being. For the wealth management community, the survey’s results can provide insights into how to better serve the burgeoning millennial generation.


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