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Success Made with YCharts

Learn how financial advisors & asset managers partner with YCharts to develop insights, make smarter investment decisions, and improve communications to grow their AUM.

Finding Success with Streamlined Communications

Cetera Investors

Ryan Miller, RICP, relies on YCharts to streamline portfolio research and analysis, so he can spend more time understanding his clients’ needs and provide high-quality financial planning.

Caleb Silver, Editor-in-Chief at Investopedia

Caleb Silver Harnesses YCharts for Next-Level Data and Visually Compelling Charts to Create Educational Content to Share with Millions of Readers.

Balasa Dinverno Foltz LLC (BDF)

YCharts Enterprise Enables BDF to Create a Collaborative Investment Research Process, and Improve Client Communication with Data Visualization.

Burton Enright Welch (BEW)

BEW Gains Efficiency in Investment Committee Meetings, Ideation and Creation of Model Portfolios.

Penn State Behrend, Black School of Business

Eric Robbins, CFA, CFP® of Penn State Behrend Leans on YCharts to Engage His Students in Real-World, Hands-on Activities to Explore the World of Finance.

Amarillo National Bank

YCharts Helps ANB Streamline and Facilitate the Investment Screening Process.

John Hancock Investment Management

YCharts Provides John Hancock Investment Management with a Platform to Collaborate on Fund Comparison and Portfolio Analysis.

Vantage Point Management

Vantage Point Management Grows Assets Under Association 500% By Automating Investment & Model Analysis.

Procyon Partners

Procyon Partners Relies on YCharts’ Dynamic Tools and Deep Data to Provide Personalized Service to their Clients.

Krueger & Catalano

Krueger & Catalano Use YCharts to Simplify and Communicate their Investment Philosophy.

Finding Success with Optimized Research

Whelan Financial

Whelan Financial Leverages YCharts to Align Team Workflows and Enhance Investment Research.

Leshnak Wealth

Leshnak Wealth Uses YCharts to Optimize Research and Provide High-Quality Financial Planning.

Valley Wealth Group

Valley Wealth Group Finds Its All-in-One Solution for Fund Screening & Portfolio Analysis.

Castlebar Asset Management (now Beyond Wealth)

YCharts Enables Smarter Investing and Portfolio Analysis at Castlebar with Intuitive Stock and ETF Screeners.

North Star Investment Management

North Star Investment Management Optimizes Research Workflows with YCharts Screening Tools.

Agnew Capital Management

Agnew Capital Management Streamlines Portfolio Imports with Redtail Integration and Triples AUM Since Adding YCharts.

Nvest Financial Group, LLC

Nvest Harnesses YCharts’ Deep Data Sets and Excel Add-in to Experience Vast Time Savings and Cost Efficiency.

Integrated Financial Partners

Integrated Financial Partners Relies on YCharts to Grow Assets in Managed Portfolios and Align Advisors in the Field.

StrategIQ Financial Group, LLC

StrategIQ Financial Group Utilizes YCharts for Portfolio Construction and Analyses to Better Educate and Serve Clients.

Savant Wealth Management

Savant Wealth Finds Its All-in-One Solution For Better Investment Analysis & Client Communication with YCharts.

KKM Financial

Leveraging YCharts to research investments continues to provide value for Jeff in his analysis for CNBC and has enabled his team at KKM to deliver smarter investment opportunities for clients.

Asset Management Group, Ltd.

Asset Management Group, Ltd. Scales Its Portfolio Management Processes, Grows AUM by 15%.

Encompass Financial Advisors

Encompass Financial Advisors, Inc. Counts on YCharts to Perform Comprehensive Research and Analysis.

Sterling Partners Equity Advisors

Sterling Partners Equity Advisors Utilize YCharts to Perform Comprehensive Research and Analysis.

Coughlin Associates

Leveraging YCharts’ Excel Add-in, customizable features, and historical data, Coughlin Associates is more productive now than when the firm employed a team of 6 full-time analysts.

Origin Wealth Advisers

Morgen Beck, CFA, CFP ®, founder of Origin Wealth Advisers, leverages YCharts to visually narrate her portfolio strategies and performs securities research to provide for her clients a more personalized experience.

Sungarden Investment Research

For Sungarden Investment Research, YCharts is crucial in not only powering its investment research but also enabling it to share its thinking in a way that is easy for people to understand.

Synchronicity Performance Consultants

Synchronicity uses YCharts to power its research by screening for securities and portfolio development to provide exceptional service for its clients.

Zel Abdu

Zel Abdu is an individual investor who uses YCharts to perform in-depth, efficient research and analysis for stocks and provides him a platform to build on his investment and financial knowledge.


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