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YCharts for Advisors

Spend less time swivel-chairing and more time advising. Streamline your investment research, build portfolio strategies & grow AUM with our suite of financial advisor tools.

Acquire Clients & Grow AUM

Whether prospecting new clients or servicing your current book of business, effective communication is at the core of every advisor-client relationship.

YCharts helps capture the attention and trust of your prospects and clients. Present portfolio strengths, navigate conversations, and provide a consistent client experience across all your communication channels.


Create and Share Investment Insights

As an advisor-driven software solution, YCharts bridges the gap between uncovering investment insights and presenting those recommendations to clients & prospects.

Build better portfolio strategies, run comparisons for due diligence, and create visuals to educate clients & include in your newsletter or blog.


Analyze & Research Securities

Your time is extremely valuable, and often scarce. While investment research is core to your value proposition as an advisor, it shouldn’t take up your whole day.

With expansive market & economic data sets and a focus on workflow automation, YCharts is built with speed and efficiency in mind. Get your day back with research tools and pre-built templates designed for advisor use cases throughout the platform.


Case Study

Whelan Financial


The Challenge

For years Whelan Financial was subjected to bogged-down research processes due to clunky data providers and cumbersome user interfaces. Their previous research platform made it difficult to visualize and analyze data, so rather than focusing on investment research, they spent valuable time maneuvering tricky data outputs.

“Our biggest pain point was an inability to access the data we needed. Functionality was so limited, that it took way too long to perform the research we wanted to do. Not only that, but we weren’t able to use the data for client presentations either.”

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The Solution

Today, with easy access to data and a uniform, collaborative workflow, Whelan Financial investment research operates smoothly. The firm’s commitment to aligning and expediting its research workflow has led them to use nearly every tool on the YCharts platform.

“Once we established our workflows, we saved so much time. Having the ease of YCharts at your fingertips allows for higher quality investment research. YCharts is the next step in the evolutionary process of being able to research investments, construct portfolios, and make optimal decisions for our clients and their financial goals.”

Model Portfolios

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Fund Screener

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Support & Lead Advisor Teams

The more time your advisors spend with clients, the more their businesses and AUM grow. YCharts increases efficiency across due diligence, asset gathering, and meeting prep, enabling advisors to own their growth.

For team leaders, YCharts enables you to promote your firm’s proprietary models, customize and push reports approved for client use, and align advisors in the field around compliance best practices.



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