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Create proposals for prospects and clients

Differentiate your offerings with sales collateral that compares a prospect’s portfolio to your recommended strategy and highlights areas where you add value. You can guide clients and prospects toward their investment objectives by utilizing comparative templated reports, including FINRA-Reviewed options, or create your own using customized data and visuals.

Build continuity across client communication efforts

As client expectations shift toward tailored and personalized services, Custom Reports create opportunities for highly targeted touch points. Prepare a client’s or prospect’s Portfolio Report with a personalized cover page, your firm’s logo and colors, client-friendly data or visuals and custom disclosures.

Drive investment committee conversations & decision-making

To help portfolio and investment managers make better decisions for their clients, Custom Reports provide a holistic view of all your firm’s model strategies. Reports can compare all of your models against each other or dive deep on single portfolios to drive strategy adjustments.

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