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Better filters for better fund selection

Set custom criteria for performance, risk, and valuation metrics, plus fund-specific stats like manager tenure, expense ratios and fund flows. The YCharts Fund Screener also lets you set limits for exposures to geographies, asset classes, and more to ensure the best fit for investors.

Mutual Funds, ETFs and CEFs

Make data-driven comparisons of active and passive strategies to weigh the costs or benefits of performance and fees. The Fund Screener narrows a universe of over 45,000 mutual funds, ETFs and CEFs to ensure a thorough selection process. Your research is immediately actionable with screening options for brokerage availability.

Save and share screens with colleagues

Fully integrated with the entire YCharts platform, screens can be saved and shared with other users for better collaboration on due diligence for advisors, or sales enabling ideas for asset managers. Pre-built templates included in the tool use commonly employed criteria to provide a starting point for better fund selection.

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