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A large part of any investment strategy is risk management. The YCharts Fund Screener can filter funds on more than fifty risk calculations and fund flows, plus set limits for geographic, sector, or individual security exposures. Once you know your targets, the Fund Screener enables you to find the funds that best fit your goals.

Mutual Funds, ETFs, and CEFs

The Fund Screener gives access to over 45,000 mutual funds, ETFs, and CEFs. Set thresholds for performance, return metrics, and risk calculations to uncover funds that fit your strategy. YCharts can also filter operational information such as expense ratio, manager tenure, and custodian availability to present the best available fund options.

Save screens for more in-depth analysis

The Fund Screener is fully integrated with the entire YCharts platform. Run a screen once, and you can set alerts to be notified any time a fund meets, or fails to meet, your investment criteria. Leverage screen results for more in-depth analysis using the YCharts Excel Add-in, Charts, Comp Tables, and Timeseries Analysis.

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