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Our Fundamental Charts bring your analyses to life. Go beyond price to chart the fundamental levers that impact performance. YCharts enables the comparison of multiple securities based on virtually any performance metric or valuation ratio — layer in macroeconomic indicators to show the why behind a security’s performance.

Quality and quantity

Not only is YCharts’ data reliable, but there’s tons of it. We source our data from Morningstar and S&P Global in addition to mining our own economic indicators and events data. Fundamental Charts can be built off more than 4,000 metrics and line items, covering 20,000+ securities and 400,000+ economic indicators such as labor statistics, GDP, and more.

Brandable, sharable, versatile

Share your thoughts with clients and colleagues quickly and easily. You can save charts as images, embed them in emails or blogs, and save a view to revisit an analysis at any time. Fundamental Charts are brandable with your firm’s logo so you can own your research and create additional touch points with prospects and clients.

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