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Product - February 5, 2019

YCharts Defends “Top Tool” Title

While every new technology can claim to create efficiencies and move the wealth management industry forward, few tools receive consistent endorsements of industry voices and satisfied users.

The T3/Inside Information 2019 Software Survey, conducted in tandem by Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres, is one of the industry’s largest and most comprehensive surveys. T3 is a one-stop shop for advisors evaluating technology, and provides actionable, unbiased data and insights into wealth-tech’s best-of-the-best. In its third iteration, the 2019 Software Survey covered 500+ technology solutions and garnered more than 5,500 responses.

We are proud to share that for the second year in a row, YCharts was named the “Top Tool Advisors Are Considering Adding” in the Investment Data & Analytics category. YCharts also took the second spot in a new category, Economic Analysis & Stress Testing Tools, and scored exemplary user ratings in both categories.

YCharts’ back-to-back top spot in the 2019 Software Survey coincides with our second-straight naming as an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company. Each year, more and more advisors are adding YCharts to their tech stack and enjoying the many benefits offered.

While the survey results give a voice to many in the industry, we believe our 4,000+ satisfied clients would echo two distinct reasons YCharts is truly a “Top Tool”:

1. YCharts is built with advisors in mind

We provide solutions for advisors’ biggest needs in investment and strategy analysis, and we’re constantly seeking ways to improve.

One such way is by placing the highest value on user feedback. We listen to our clients, visit their offices, and meet at conferences and events to solicit feedback on improving YCharts to address their biggest pain points. A newly released, highly acclaimed feature, Model Portfolios is the most recent example of our customer-driven product roadmap.

YCharts knows success requires more than just a digital relationship and share with our clients the value of human expertise and support as they grow their businesses. Every YCharts user works with a dedicated account representative, has access to live chat, and can utilize our in-house Excel modeling experts — just a few of the many ways we help advisors succeed.

Customer support has long been a strength noted by YCharts users, and as such, we’ve grown our support team to further our unparalleled customer experience.

2. YCharts improves client communications, saves you time & money

YCharts tools are designed to create efficiencies in every aspect of your business.

Communicating a strategy with clients is just as, if not more important, than developing that strategy. As such, YCharts visualization tools, market monitoring features, and client communication tools enable advisors to better engage with clients and prospects.

YCharts is raising the bar for how the wealth management industry makes investment decisions and creates ways for advisors to strengthen their value-proposition with clients.

According to a YCharts client survey, our users report saving 3–4 hours per week from improved or fully automated workflows and easily accessible tools and data. Our users also enjoy savings of 50% or more compared to their formerly used technology such as Bloomberg, Factset, Thomson Eikon, and others.

For advisors, incorporating the right technology can help you capitalize on new opportunities, strengthen your value-proposition, and create efficiencies in back- and front-office operations. The T3/Inside Information Software Survey helps advisors cut through the noise and locate the right technology.

In an increasingly competitive wealth management industry, technology is valuable when it is built with the user in mind, saves users time and money, and drives their ability to generate new business — according to the 2019 Software Survey, YCharts checks every box.

We are proud to once again receive this honor from T3 & Inside Information. Start your 7-Day Free Trial today and experience for yourself what makes YCharts a “Top Tool”.

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