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Asset Managers - September 21, 2021

Fund Flows Review: August 2021

Welcome to the first edition of Fund Flows Review from YCharts, a monthly series in which we’ll use asset flows to better understand market trends and momentum. As always, feel free to download and share any visuals with clients and colleagues, or on social media. 

Watch our key takeaways from mutual fund and ETF flows in August 2021, or read on to get the scoop on notable fund flows by way of summary visuals:

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Broad Category Asset Flows

Fixed Income Mutual Funds & ETFs attracted $59.3B of investor assets in August, the most of any broad fund category, which could be due to the widespread adoption of Fixed Income ETFs. Money Market saw assets grow by $21.1B as investors maintain inflationary concerns, while Equities grew by $43.3B amidst growing optimism over corporate profits as the US economy continues to rebound.

YCharts, Fund Flows, August 2021, Broad Category

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Equity Style Asset Flows

Large Cap Value and Large Cap Blend saw the biggest inflows of $3B and $18.6B, respectively, due mostly to buying activity among ETFs in those categories. Meanwhile, Mid and Small Cap mutual funds and ETFs were nearly flat or showed a marginal net outflow of assets. 

YCharts, Fund Flows, August 2021, Equity Style

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Sector Equity Asset Flows

Financials led the way in August, attracting over $2.9B of asset flows due to the government’s proposed increase to infrastructure spending and a declining US unemployment rate. Energy was the biggest loser with $1.6B of outflows, stemming largely from declining oil prices amidst COVID variant concerns and general risk aversion. Energy equity funds also posted negative returns over the most recent 1-month and 3-month lookback periods.

YCharts, Fund Flows, August 2021, Sector Equity

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Overall, August has seen investors putting money back to work in a variety of ways with Fixed Income, Equities, and Money Market funds leading the pack. For those utilizing equities, Large Cap Blend ETFs garnered the most attention outright in August. Investors also avoided both Industrials and Energy equities alike, a continued trend from last month. 

With investors fairly split on where they have decided to put their money, it will be interesting to track their activity through the end of the year.

See you next month for another round of Fund Flows in Review!

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