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Product - October 8, 2018

New Product Announcement: Model Portfolios

We’re excited to announce our most recent, and most requested, product development of this year — Model Portfolios.

YCharts Model Portfolios combine the power of Excel with the ease and accessibility of a web-based platform. Select securities, percentage weights, and a benchmark — then analyze your portfolio’s performance, risk, and allocation metrics. Do all of this on any device, at any time, anywhere with internet access.

Say goodbye to complex formulas and cluttered desktop folders.

For 9 years and counting, YCharts has democratized investment research, making it more intuitive, more accessible, and easier to use. Model Portfolios pushes that value proposition even further.

To get started, we’ve highlighted a few of the most powerful ways Model Portfolios can be leveraged to visualize portfolio analysis, share ideation with clients and prospects, and monitor portfolio performance on an ongoing basis.

1. Visualize the hypothetical performance of a portfolio

Tracking a portfolio against a benchmark is not a new concept. But Model Portfolios enables visualizing that comparison with unprecedented ease and quickness. With a simple point-and-click interface, you can layer additional comparisons like economic indicators or interest rates on the fly, showing how macro developments affect your Model Portfolio.

2. Track and manage the model portfolios that comprise your investment strategy

Many advisors offer a slate of model portfolios that leverage their own strategies. This approach is great for employing your proprietary strategy in a cost efficient manner. YCharts Model Portfolios allow you to scale the production, visualization, and evaluation of your model strategies to better communicate with current clients and win prospects’ business.

3. Build a blended benchmark

Because of their composition, many funds and portfolios are not benchmarked against a single index, but a weighted blend of several. For that reason, Model Portfolios can be used to construct blended benchmarks and more appropriately compare performance.

Similarly, you can use Model Portfolios to create a custom index. For example, you might want to see how the 20 largest components of the S&P 500 fare against the index itself. Model Portfolios makes it simple to dive into such an inquiry.

4. Model the hypothetical performance of a new investment idea

Chances are high that you think about, or at least hear about, new investment ideas on a daily basis. Instead of wondering what might or might not be a good strategy, Model Portfolios can be used to explore those opportunities. Without taking on additional costs or wasting a day building out a model in Excel, Model Portfolios can be used to validate and monitor new investment ideas that come your way.

With a dedication to listening to and incorporating client feedback, YCharts continues to make investment data and research more accessible. Model Portfolios delivers faster and more powerful analyses, greater ease of use, and is just another way YCharts enables smarter investment decisions.

YCharts Professional users have full access to Model Portfolios. For more information on getting started with Model Portfolios, or getting access to the tool, reach out to your support contact or start your free trial at www.ycharts.com

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