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New on YCharts: Multi-Comparison Reports for Funds & Portfolios

Multi-Comparison Reports for portfolios and funds are the latest addition to YCharts’ meeting and communication tools for advisors and asset managers. Available to all YCharts Professional users, Multi-Comparison Reports can be customized with your firm’s logo, colors, preferred disclosure language, and custom benchmarks.

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Compare up to six funds in one clean report

Whether you’re an advisor meeting with clients or a wholesaler meeting with an advisor, the goal is largely the same: compare investment options to make the best investment decision possible.

Multi-Comparison Reports enable more holistic conversations with clients and prospects, with modules for performance, risk, top holdings, asset allocation, geographic exposure, stock style & sector exposure, bond maturities and credit quality, fundamental stats, and more. Overview and Comparison Reports from YCharts are ideal for more targeted conversations, like when comparing a prospect’s current portfolio to your recommendation.

Plus, since YCharts keeps a running log of all reports you generate, Multi-Comparison Reports are an efficient way to document your due diligence for requirements, such as Reg BI.


Present Model Portfolios or SMAs side-by-side

You can mix-and-match security types within a single Multi-Comparison Report, choosing from Model Portfolios, Separate Accounts (SMAs), mutual funds, CEFs, ETFs, and ETNs. This added flexibility makes Multi-Comparison Reports effective collateral for more sophisticated investors and advisor-wholesaler conversations.

A compelling module within every Multi-Comparison Report is the Holdings Overlap Comparison. Looking a layer deeper than just fund holdings within a strategy and down to the individual security level, you’ll readily see the difference between multiple investment options.


Connect with YCharts

Much like the advisors and asset managers we serve, we pride ourselves on listening to and understanding our clients’ needs.

The new Multi-Comparison Reports are available to YCharts Professional users. For questions or feedback, reach out to your account manager.

Not a YCharts user? Sign up for a 7-Day Free Trial or contact us via email at and by phone at (866) 965-7552 to learn more.

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