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New on YCharts: ESG Data for Stocks, ETFs & Mutual Funds

ESG Scores, Ratings, and related data are now available on YCharts!

More than 30 environmental, social & governance (ESG) data points have been added to YCharts, covering North American stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. Together and individually, ESG data points indicate how well a company or fund issuer manages its material ESG risks, and relative to sector peers. ESG data is available for YCharts Professional users and as an add-on for asset manager users.

This fact sheet outlines YCharts’ ESG capabilities in detail, and below are a few ways that ESG data can enhance your investment research and client communication. (Plus, more functionality is on the way!)

ESG data on YCharts

ESG data on YCharts is sourced from MSCI, and updated daily to reflect the latest information and score or rating changes.

Screen for Stocks Using ESG Scores & Ratings

With 30+ ESG data points covering more than 8,000 equities, the YCharts Stock Screener brings detailed insights to your idea generation workflows. Data includes ESG ratings, industry-adjusted scores, and underlying ESG components such as fossil fuel involvement, carbon emissions, and board independence.

Log in or start a free trial to view ESG data in the YCharts Stock Screener:
Stocks & ESG Pillar Scores

Screen for ETFs & Mutual Funds Using ESG Scores & Ratings

The YCharts Fund Screener now includes ESG data points to better evaluate mutual funds and ETFs based on their ESG profiles. With coverage for 18,000+ mutual funds and 3,000+ ETFs, you can identify fund managers with optimal ESG stats, and avoid securities with inferior stats.

Log in or start a free trial to view ESG data in the YCharts Fund Screener:
ESG Fund Leaders & Metrics

Presenting & Sharing ESG Data

After analyzing ESG data in the Screeners, use Comp Tables to generate client-friendly PDF outputs and share your insights with clients and colleagues. Your firm branding and customizable disclosures can be added, along with averages, means, maximums, and minimums for each column of data.

Log in or start a free trial to view ESG data in YCharts Comp Tables:
Dow Jones 30 ESG Scores & Ratings

ESG data on YCharts

View in YCharts

Coming Soon…

Further enhancements to our ESG data and functionality are already underway! 

Coming soon are portfolio-level ESG scores, data visualizations for all securities, ESG modules in portfolio reports, and expanded datasets.

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