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NEW on YCharts: Attribution Analysis

With YCharts’ new Attribution Analysis tool, users gain a deeper understanding of an individual holdings’ impact on portfolio (or fund) performance, facilitating streamlined decision-making and strategy refinement. 

Seamlessly integrated into YCharts’ Report Builder, these insights can be easily customized and presented, empowering professionals to craft impactful narratives tailored to client needs. Want to see it in action? Check out the short video below:

Analyze the Direct Impact of Individual Holdings

Utilize the YCharts’ Absolute Attribution Analysis page to gain valuable insights into how each holding directly influences your portfolio’s performance. This available heatmap module showcases the primary contributors and detractors, enabling you to grasp the individual impact of investments on returns. Leverage this feature for streamlined analysis ahead of client meetings or for deeper insights on the key securities shaping your fund or portfolio strategy.

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Additionally, the contributions/detractions table comprehensively explains each holding’s impact on a portfolio or fund’s returns. By multiplying the weight of each holding by its return, absolute attribution offers a concise overview of what drives your portfolio’s overall performance.

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Understand Category Performance Relative to a Benchmark

In addition to the Absolute Attribution page, YCharts provides a couple of options for Relative Attribution analysis, which breaks down a portfolio or fund’s performance compared to an assigned benchmark (users can define as they see fit). This includes:

Allocation: Evaluates the impact of asset allocation decisions on sector or category performance.

Selection: Assesses how individual securities within each category perform compared to their counterparts in the benchmark.

Interaction: Considers the combined effect of allocation and selection decisions on portfolio performance, revealing their synergistic or conflicting impacts.

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The associated bar chart and performance charts visualize the data for quick-hitting and easy-to-understand analyses to provide further context. Whether you’re an advisor working to align your portfolio strategy based on a client’s goals or a fund manager ensuring your fund is balanced based on its prospectus, YCharts’ Relative Attribution analysis will enable you to make more informed decisions.

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Tailor Your Investment Narrative to the Audience

Preparing for an upcoming client meeting or investment committee presentation? Elevate your narrative with YCharts’ powerful attribution visuals.

Utilize YCharts’ Report Builder to seamlessly integrate attribution tables and visuals into your proposals, crafting a tailored investment story that emphasizes your strategy’s strengths and resonates with your client’s interests.

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For an even faster alternative, export visuals as a PDF directly from the Relative Attribution analysis page, ensuring you have compelling insights at your fingertips in seconds.

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