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New on YCharts: Report Builder

Whether meeting with a client, prospect, or colleague, Report Builder gives you the power to create and customize your ideal investment report for every conversation. Custom Reports have quickly become one of the most popular features on YCharts, and Report Builder makes it even easier to generate these powerful tools for client and prospect meetings. 

Report Builder is available in YCharts Professional (as permitted by account administrators), and as an add-on feature for asset manager users.


Create portfolio and security reports for every conversation

Starting from three report types—Overview, Comparison, and Multi-Comparison—use Report Builder to rearrange and customize 30+ visual and data modules, add your firm’s logo, colors, and disclosures, and even upload PDFs or images from outside of YCharts.

Your objectives when meeting with a prospect differ from those when onboarding a new client, so shouldn’t your meeting collateral be uniquely purpose-built as well? Report Builder enables you to drag and drop the most relevant visuals and data, creating the most impactful talk track possible for every interaction. 

Investment Policy Statements (IPS), financial plan information, and market outlooks can also be added to fit seamlessly alongside YCharts-powered content.


Equip advisors and teams with better collateral for asset gathering

To support asset gathering while also ensuring compliance best practices are followed, use Report Builder to standardize the templates your reps in the field can access. Especially valuable for accumulating assets in firm-managed models, your home-office team can decide to share Report Templates with “edit” or “view only” access.

Several pre-built templates, available by default within YCharts, adhere to the SEC’s Marketing Rule (Rule 206(4)(1) under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940) or are FINRA-reviewed. In addition, disclosure and definition modules can be added in Report Builder, giving you even more control.


Streamline meeting prep to spend more time with clients & prospects

Save time and effort by utilizing the intuitive drag-and-drop designer to create tailored reports on-the-fly. Report Builder’s intuitive interface ensures meeting prep doesn’t consume your day. Report modules are also organized by size—full-page, ½, ⅓, or ¼—so you don’t need to worry about formatting issues and page breaks.


Coming Soon to Report Builder

Enhancements are already in the works to make Report Builder even better. In the coming months, YCharts users will also be able to:

• Leverage additional visual & data modules within Report Builder, adding to the 30+ modules already available

• Add assets saved in your account, like Charts, Scatter Plots, Data Tables, and more, from within the Report Builder interface. (In the meantime, download any visual and use the “Full Page Image” module to add it into a report template.)

• View the actual, most recent data for your selected securities and metrics within the Report Builder preview. 


Connect with YCharts

Much like the advisors and asset managers we serve, we pride ourselves on listening to and understanding our clients’ needs.

Report Builder is available for YCharts Professional users only (as permissioned by account administrators), and as an add-on feature for asset manager users. For questions or feedback, reach out to your account manager.

Not a YCharts user? Sign up for a 7-Day Free Trial or contact us via email at and by phone at (866) 965-7552 to learn more.


©2023 YCharts, Inc. All Rights Reserved. YCharts, Inc. (“YCharts”) is not registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (or with the securities regulatory authority or body of any state or any other jurisdiction) as an investment adviser, broker-dealer, or in any other capacity, and does not purport to provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. This report has been generated through application of the analytical tools and data provided through and is intended solely to assist you or your investment or other adviser(s) in conducting investment research. You should not construe this report as an offer to buy or sell, as a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or as a recommendation to buy, sell, hold or trade, any security or other financial instrument. For further information regarding your use of this report, please go to:

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