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NEW on YCharts: Proposals & Talking Points

YCharts is constantly evolving to meet the needs of today’s wealth management professionals. Best known as an intuitive research and analysis platform, YCharts’ newly released proposal generation tools are poised to revolutionize your day-to-day workflows, saving you invaluable time while boosting your AUM growth. 

Gone are the days of juggling data and processes across various platforms; YCharts offers a streamlined solution tailored to the needs of today’s wealth management professionals in an all-in-one platform designed to seamlessly integrate your insights into a personalized proposal, for sharing with a client or prospect. Not only will YCharts’ new Report Builder and Talking Points streamline your sales process, but they will ensure you develop and maintain strong relationships with your clients for years to come.

Illustrate your portfolio strategy’s value proposition

Picture this: one platform that streamlines your meeting prep and lets you craft proposals that really hit home with your clients. Think seamless integration of dynamic charts, data tables, and other compelling visuals – plus, toss in economic insights to provide additional context for your investment narrative.

And the kicker? A drag-and-drop design tool that makes tweaking proposal and report layouts a breeze, giving you polished outputs without any of the hassle.

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With YCharts’ Report Builder, you get access to over thirty plug-and-play modules leveraging previously saved assets from YCharts’ most popular tools, including Fundamental Charts, Model Portfolios, and Scenarios. Other modules include ones covering portfolio and security returns, risk, allocations, exposures, and more to build out the ideal proposal for your next client or prospect conversation.

YCharts’ suite of proposal tools isn’t just about showcasing your strategy’s strengths. They also make it easy to highlight weaknesses in competing strategies with visuals that are digestible for prospects and clients.

Whether that’s drawing comparisons between a client’s current portfolio’s standard deviation against your recommended strategy or demonstrating how their portfolio would’ve performed during a recession had they had more exposure to fixed income, proposals make it easy to communicate your strategy to clients and prospects. 

Effortlessly blend impactful visuals, comprehensive data, and investment insights with YCharts’ proposal generation tools to create impactful, easy-to-understand presentations and reports. Want to see it in action? Check out the short video below:

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Drive client engagement with personalized talking points

Proposals shouldn’t just be about a proprietary risk number or limited to a handful of select metrics.

With YCharts’ Talking Points, you can dive right into the essentials like returns, risk, allocations, and holdings, but that’s not all. Choose from over 4,000 financial metrics based on what’s most important to your clients. Whether that’s limiting risk for a more conservative approach or focusing on total return potential for a more aggressive portfolio, show off what makes your strategy uniquely tailored to their needs.

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Use custom text and images to elaborate on your investment recommendations, and make meetings count by sharing personalized proposals that foster engaging conversations about your clients’ most important financial goals. And the best part? You get to highlight exactly what’s most relevant to them. Empower your clients by educating them on the “why” behind your portfolio strategy so that they understand the value of working with your firm.

Ensure Consistent Messaging Across Your Firm

For firms looking to promote a united front, utilize shared talking points and proposals that highlight your firm’s strategies, and streamline your team’s meeting preparation. In the context of larger firms, the home office can manage and tailor their team’s communication strategy using YCharts’ Talking Points, seamlessly distribute them, and empower their advisors to leverage them during their next client or prospect meeting.

Further customize your reports by incorporating your firm’s logo, colors, and even custom disclosures to truly reflect your firm’s brand. Whether it’s Investment Policy Statements (IPS), proprietary research materials, firm investment objectives, team bios, investment policies, or your firm’s market outlook for the coming quarter, seamlessly integrate these components in conjunction with YCharts-powered visual assets to ensure a cohesive narrative across your client-facing teams.

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Streamline Meeting Prep with Templates

Whether you’re tailoring your proposals based on client goals, stage in life, risk appetite, or refining your pitch for distinct phases of the sales process, YCharts provides you the flexibility to create proposal templates for your teams or opt for pre-built custom reports like Overview, Multi-comparison Reports, and Security Tearsheets. Seamlessly integrate them into your process for end-of-the-year client reviews or even an upcoming prospect meeting you’re looking to win over. 

Collaboration is seamless as you can craft, share, and fine-tune report templates with your team, empowering everyone with resources to facilitate new sales and scale their book of business. For those overseeing from the home office, template control ensures compliance while spotlighting strategy strengths. Time, your most precious asset, finds its solution in this elegant and repeatable approach.

Address Compliance Needs Proactively

Limit the number of hoops your client-facing teams have to jump through by promoting compliance best practices across your team by leveraging YCharts’ FINRA-reviewed and SEC-compliant report templates. By utilizing repeatable, standardized reports across teams, firms can simplify compliance complexities and minimize the number of times your compliance department needs to flag any client-facing sales collateral. This allows you to dedicate your efforts solely to refining your sales strategy and expanding your assets under management (AUM).

Firms can also add their custom disclosures directly into YCharts as well as have their teams leverage dynamic disclosures as an additional safety net when building out proposals to cover all their basis.

Communicate Effectively, Retain Clients & Win New Business

Integrating your research and investment insights, YCharts’ proposal generation tools streamline sales processes, strengthen client bonds, and foster a collaborative team environment. Our all-in-one solution empowers you to craft compelling presentation reports that resonate with your clients, foster engagement, maintain the highest compliance standards, and ensure lasting client relationships and sustainable business growth.

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