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Why Frequent Advisor Communication Matters: Insights from YCharts’ Latest Survey

In our latest Advisor-Client Communication Survey involving nearly 800 clients of financial advisors, we sought to uncover what clients expect from their advisors, how improved communication could elevate their overall satisfaction, and communication best practices that advisors can implement to achieve higher retention rates.

Below is a sneak peek of our findings, including how infrequent client communication leads to lower comprehension and confidence.

Download the Survey to see our full findings:

The Link Between Communication Frequency and Client Confidence

Communication is critical to client confidence, retention, and referrals. 38% of respondents expressed feeling very comfortable with their financial plan in the event the United States enters a recession, while 42% felt somewhat comfortable, and 6% were not comfortable.

Notably, those who receive infrequent communication from their advisor displayed decidedly less confidence in their financial plan during potential economic downturns. Of respondents who are infrequently or rarely contacted (every 4-6 months or less), just 22% are very comfortable with their financial plan, compared to a 71% rate by clients who receive frequent contact (monthly or more) from their advisor.

How comfortable are clients of financial advisors with their financial plan in the event of a recession?

Download: YCharts Advisor – Client Communication Survey

Overcoming Barriers to Client Comprehension Through Regular Updates

Direct conversations with clients are among the most important touch points for communicating crucial information about their investments. However, clients find that 64% of the content in a typical conversation with their advisor resonates with them, down from 70% in our last survey published in early 2023.

Notably, infrequently contacted clients reported even lower comprehension levels during these discussions. On average, 59% of the material covered in a typical conversation with their advisor resonates with infrequently contacted clients, below the overall level of 64% and even less than the 71% that tends to click with frequently contacted clients.

In what ways could client comprehension of their financial advisor's recommendations and portfolio strategy be enhanced?

Download: YCharts Advisor – Client Communication Survey

To enhance client comprehension of recommendations and portfolio strategy, advisors could look to sending emails, crafting detailed reports, and conducting one-on-one meetings or calls. These were the top three methods of communication voted on by surveyed clients.

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