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Alignment and Efficiency: 3 Ways YCharts Helps Wholesalers Collaborate

In light of fee compression and increased competition, many asset managers have a renewed emphasis on improving productivity and efficiency among distribution teams.

As investor demands evolve and advisors become increasingly hard to reach, wholesalers may feel like they’re constantly playing defense; however, an offensively-minded approach could lead to more AUM and profitability by focusing on diversification of asset flow, maximizing time spent with an advisor, and customizing advisor communication.

When trying to make your team smarter, faster, and better at their jobs, data-driven sales and decision making can be part of that offensive strategy. With reliable data and tools for creating sales collateral, your team can better collaborate, share successes, and align around your fund family’s strengths, keeping everyone rowing in the same direction.

Technology also enables asset managers to improve sales conversations, enhance idea generation, and increase AUM. How does YCharts do this? Through enterprise-level functionality, cutting-edge capabilities, and a dedicated support staff that works as a partner to your business.

Collaborate on new sales strategies

As advisors become more critical of fund characteristics like management fees and fund flows, wholesalers should leverage data-driven strategies that make their funds stand out, not hide from questions about numbers and figures.

Just as the investment objective for any mutual fund or ETF can differ, the data you highlight when discussing one fund or another should be different. Finding those areas where your funds stand out is the first piece of developing a new sales idea. The second piece is arming your sales teams with the data and tools that can demonstrate the opportunities or benefits your funds provide to advisor-partners.

When one wholesaler finds success with a sales idea, the platform enables teams to replicate that success by giving colleagues access to the same, updated sales collateral. For example, visuals that highlight how your Large Value fund offers better downside protection is highly impactful for advisors.

The visual below, created with Fundamental Charts, uses the “Percent off High” feature to show that during market pullbacks, American Funds American Balanced (ABALX) better preserves capital than both its benchmark ^SPXTR and competitor, the Dodge & Cox Balanced (DODBX).

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Visual comparisons like the one above are great conversation starters, but when looking for a more in-depth view, YCharts’ Comp Tables highlights your funds strengths across multiple metrics.

Comp Tables can be created by your internal team, or product/portfolio consulting team, then pushed to externals in the field. When meeting with an advisor-partner and questions or concerns are raised, you can add more data on-the-fly to answer those questions and further distinguish your fund’s benefits from competitors.

The table below shows how several Intermediate Core-Plus funds compare on credit quality exposures. While the DoubleLine Total Return Bond (DBLTX) leads the pack in AAA exposure at nearly 67%, it also carries a 7.6% exposure to bonds with below B ratings and a 17.5% exposure to not rated bonds. Insights like these dig below the surface to show advisors you’ve done your homework on the competition.

bond fund credit quality comp

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The highly customizable nature of both Fundamental Charts and Comp Tables make them ideal tools for generating great sales ideas, pushing collateral to the accounts of externals, and giving reps the resources needed to handle objections with visuals and data.

Align your team around your fund family’s strengths

Creating a productive relationship between internal and external wholesalers can be the difference between a big win and a missed opportunity.

As externals spend most of their time on the road, there’s little time to crunch the numbers between meetings, as a data-driven sales strategy might require. For this reason, YCharts makes it easy for internals to dive deep on a specific question or need, then share key data points and commentary directly to the wholesaler’s tablet or laptop.

Using the Fund Screener, you can build comprehensive views that address important topics related to fund selection. When money rapidly flows into or out of any category, investors pay closer attention to fund composition and returns to find opportunities.

The table below filters the 65,000+ funds covered by YCharts down to include only institutional shares of Intermediate Core Plus bonds. In addition to historical fund flows, this view also gives net asset value (NAV) ranks within the category and exposures for junk credit ratings. The interplay of these three factors can help wholesalers and advisors evaluate which funds are best when category flows move quickly in either direction.

fund screen for flows performance

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The meeting isn’t over even after you leave an advisor’s office. Sending follow-up collateral, with customized disclosures, can give more color to a conversation you had in-office and strengthen relationships with clients and prospects.

After receiving an advisor’s asset matrix, send that information to your internal team to plug into YCharts. The Model Portfolios tool gives a holistic view of key metrics like performance, standard deviation, and beta at the portfolio level. You can then swap in your recommended fund(s) where replacement opportunities exist, compare the two portfolios, and share that comparison with the advisor as proof of the value your funds offer.

For example, the portfolio below is holding Alger Small Cap Focus (AOFIX) as 7% of its total value. However, AOFIX has historically lagged in performance when compared to similar small-cap funds.

By creating an alternate portfolio that replaces AOFIX with a small-cap category leader like Virtus KAR Small-Cap Growth (PXSGX), you show the advisor how using PXSGX can improve performance. In the charts below, the advisor’s original asset matrix is shown in blue, the portfolio with PXSGX is purple, and the S&P 500 Total Return is orange.

Model Portfolios, among other YCharts tools, demonstrate the platform’s power in generating unique sales approaches, and the benefits multiply when collaborating with team members.

When meeting with clients or prospects, you want to have the most current data and sales strategies at your fingertips. To alleviate bottlenecks caused by document sharing, any chart, data table, fund screen, or portfolio shared between YCharts accounts is automatically updated for all users whenever changes are made by the owner.

Keep everybody in the loop

With teams all over the continent, asset managers know better than anyone that distance, especially across time zones, negatively impacts collaboration. Add the additional coordination needed to align internals and externals, and the problems compound.

YCharts makes it easy for teams working across geographies and functions to stay aligned and in-the-know.

Frequently, home offices supply their broader teams with fund lists that are current or strategic priorities. Fund Watchlists (or stock and economic indicator watchlists) can be compiled and distributed to every stakeholder across locations. If sales leaders make changes to the list of target funds, their updates will be reflected across all users’ accounts.

email report scroll through-1
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Another YCharts tool that keeps your team in the loop is Email Reports.

With options for daily, weekly, or monthly distribution, Email Reports are fully customizable with charts, performance tables, and earnings calendars for your firm’s fund family, largest holdings, and any other investment information you may care about.

Your company’s dedicated YCharts support contact can help set up distribution lists including any or all team members, automatically disseminating the latest information and performance data.

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Improve your team’s productivity with enterprise technology

Addressing firm-wide or employee-specific productivity can be difficult. There’s a multitude of contributing factors, but arming your team with the right data and technology can not only boost productivity, but also free up capacity for everyone.

When technology improves collaboration and efficiency, your team will see significant time savings — time that can be used to improve relationships with clients or prospects, rather than searching for sales collateral.

Through digital tools like YCharts, your team can move the needle on productivity metrics that drive profitability and performance.

Connect with YCharts

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