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mYCharts - April 14, 2020

Winning in Bear Markets with Rita Cheng



Q: Tell us about yourself and Blue Ocean Global Wealth. What is your philosophy?

A: I help clients gain clarity, confidence and control of their finances. The foundation of every client relationship is financial planning. Financial planning is a collaborative process that helps clients meet their life goals. By demystifying complex issues such as investments, taxes, retirement and estate planning, clients have a more integrated view of their financial lives. Clients value clarity and simplicity. Financial planning is intellectually stimulating and emotionally gratifying. It is my belief that financial confidence can be attainable with a plan, purpose and passion.

Q: The chart above shows the importance of staying invested during bear markets. How are you using charts like these to communicate with your clients during this most recent downturn?

A: During these unprecedented times, clients value insight and guidance. While each market correction has unique circumstances, YCharts’ capabilities help me stay engaged and connected with clients. I am able to provide them with with timely, relevant and helpful information.

Q: What are some tactics you’re discussing with your clients to “win” during bear markets? Can you share any anecdotes?

A: I’m a CFP(R) professional. I believe in financial planning because it can provide direction and guidance, which can ultimately improve a client’s confidence. Clients may feel unsettled, but when they have more clarity about the situation, they can make better decisions. It’s true, we don’t have control of stock market volatility or interest rate fluctuations, but we can control how we save, how we invest and how we react. I emphasize core concepts, such as asset allocation, dollar cost averaging, and tax diversification, to name a few. Clients have said to me, ”Ah, I get it. The best way to participate in the recovery is to continue to stay invested. I know what you mean, Rita. It’s not ‘set it and forget it.’” I also know that “I shouldn’t touch my face and I shouldn’t touch my 401(k). What’s important is having time in the market, not trying to time the market.”

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Q: How are you using our new coronavirus data series to share insights with your clients? What are some takeaways you’ve been able to provide?

A: I use the coronavirus data to stay current on the number of new cases and the effect COVID-19 is having on global markets. While the current environment certainly feels like uncharted territory, I think this data can help investors make smarter decisions. They can see the many “sell signals” that we have experienced over the past several years, and how the market has fared in the time following those signals. That’s why succumbing to fear and selling one’s equities can be so costly.  

I’m also closely monitoring the spread of the virus as I have extended family in Indonesia, the fourth most populated nation in the world. While it’s usually known as a hotspot for its beautiful beaches, it’s now a hot spot for the virus in Southeast Asia.  

Rita Cheng

CEO at Blue Ocean Global Wealth



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