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What Sets YCharts Apart

In today's vast wealth-tech landscape, wealth management firms seek cutting-edge tools to make informed decisions, win new business, and better communicate with their clients. Finding the right solutions for you and your business can be overwhelming. YCharts, Factset, and Koyfin stand out as three top investment research platforms to consider. Let’s analyze the differences.

YCharts vs Factset

YCharts offers the comprehensive data sets and advanced investment analysis tools that Factset is known for, but stands out with its more intuitive user interface. Compared to Factset’s high price point of $12,000 per year, YCharts costs a fraction of that, providing better value to investment advisors, portfolio managers, and analysts alike.

YCharts vs Koyfin

Koyfin offers one of the best investment research tools for retail investors. YCharts combines Koyfin’s extensive data and investment analysis with a fully integrated platform that includes proposal and report generation capabilities. It stands out with comprehensive client communication tools made for today’s wealth management professionals.

Why YCharts?

YCharts has become the top choice for over 12,000 wealth managers by adapting to market changes, managing compliance challenges, and meeting client demands. It stands out as the leading software advisors are considering adding in 2024 (per T3). Designed for forward-thinking advisors and asset managers, YCharts is the key to unlocking growth.

How Do Advisors Rank Each Solution?

User ratings and market share as reported by a 2024 third-party industry survey. (Per T3 Report)


Feature Comparison

YCharts Koyfin Factset
Portfolio Construction & Management
Attribution Analysis
Screening Capabilities (Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs)
Market Monitoring
Research List Management
Team Sharing & Collaboration
Dedicated Portfolio Optimizer
Economic Analysis
Excel Model Automation
Scenarios Modeling
Custodian Holdings Integration
Pre-Built Research & Visual Templates
Web-based Tool
Portfolio & Security Comparisons
Investment Proposals
Sales Collateral Sharing
Custom Report Builder
Tearsheets, Overview & Multi-Comparison Reports
SEC-compliant & FINRA-reviewed Templates
Charts & Visuals
Custom Benchmarks & Investment Scoring
User Dashboard
Firm Logo & Colors
Reports (Portfolio & Securities)
Stocks, Mutual Funds, CEFs, UITs & ETFs
Analyst Recommendations
Economic Indicators
ESG Data
Separate Accounts (SMAs)

A Tailored Experience for You & Your Team

YCharts offers customized solutions tailored to different user roles and responsibilities. Contact the YCharts team to learn about plan options, including discount partnerships for Broker-Dealers and other affiliate firms.


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