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New on YCharts: FINRA Reviewed Portfolio Reports

Big news! The YCharts Portfolio Overview and Portfolio Comparison Reports are now FINRA-Reviewed.

With this update, YCharts clients can access two PDF Report templates (via YCharts Model Portfolios) that present investment strategies with clean and straightforward visuals, and also include the necessary disclosures and formatting to earn a clean response letter from FINRA.

Click Here to learn more about YCharts’ FINRA-Reviewed PDF Reports, and to view the related FINRA Response Letters.

Current YCharts users: to add FINRA-Reviewed report templates to your account, simply fill out this form using the email address associated with your YCharts account. Note: Although these templates have earned a clean FINRA response letter, we strongly encourage you to share them with your own compliance team for further review, and to customize the disclosures within to include your firm’s FINRA member name.

Two Options for FINRA-Reviewed Portfolio Reports in YCharts

Two YCharts report templates received clean response letters from FINRA. One provides a comprehensive breakdown of a single portfolio, while the other compares and contrasts two portfolios in a single report.

 Portfolio Overview Report: Covers performance, risk, composition, fundamentals, exposures, and holdings for a single portfolio.

 Portfolio Comparison Report: Compares performance, risk, composition, fundamentals, exposures, and holdings for two portfolios.

Just like all reports on YCharts, the FINRA-Reviewed templates allow users to add their firm’s logo and color-scheme, customize disclosure language, and download then print a report for any portfolio in just a few clicks.


Download Sample Portfolio Report

Additionally, because the FINRA-Reviewed templates are made up of individual report modules, YCharts users can leverage the reviewed modules in other Custom Reports they may create.


Other YCharts Reports Including FINRA-Reviewed Modules

The following report templates available in YCharts have not been submitted for FINRA review yet. However, these reports are created from the same modules that make up the FINRA-Reviewed versions.

Allocation Overview: Detailed allocation breakdown including equity, fixed income, and holdings data.

Performance and Risk Overview: An overview report on various performance and risk metrics.

Two Page Overview: A quick-hitting yet insightful overview of a portfolio or other security’s makeup and performance.

Performance and Risk Comparison: Compares two securities in a clean report that includes various performance and risk metrics for the securities.

Side by Side Allocation Report: A detailed comparison report covering various asset allocation and exposure breakdowns for two separate portfolios or securities.

Side by Side Equity (or Fixed Income) Comparison: A comprehensive comparison report covering risk, composition, fundamentals, exposures, and holdings for two equity (or fixed income) portfolios or securities.

 Side by Side Three Page Report: A comparison report compares performance side by side relative to another portfolio or security selected.

Click Here to learn more about YCharts’ FINRA-Reviewed PDF Reports, and to view the related FINRA Response Letters.


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