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YCharts Proposals & Reports: Streamlined Client Communication to Improve Retention & Win New Business

Imagine having more time to focus on managing your portfolio strategies or enhancing your client relationships. For advisors immersed in the daily whirlwind of client meetings and portfolio management, YCharts stands out as a beacon of streamlined efficiency and invaluable insights. 

With over 7,000 users already reaping its benefits, YCharts isn’t just another investment research tool—it’s a comprehensive suite of reporting and proposal generation tools that can save you time on tedious tasks like meeting prep and transform how you approach your practice.

Kevin Silverman, CFA, Portfolio Manager at Sterling Partners Equity Advisors, shares his experience: “A lot of the fact sheets I use were originally created via Macros I wrote in Excel, but more recently I’ve started to build out my portfolio reporting using the readily available templates in YCharts and tailoring them for my clients.”

If you find yourself immersed in client meetings multiple times a week or even daily, YCharts could be the missing piece that elevates your advisory practice to new heights.

Craft Compelling Messaging for a Proposed Portfolio Strategy

You’ve inputted a prospect’s current portfolio and crafted a proposed investment strategy for a prospective client. Whether you personally handled this or delegated it to a member of your team, creating a compelling proposal for your next client meeting shouldn’t feel like a daunting task. Instead of starting from scratch, YCharts offers FINRA-reviewed and SEC-compliant report templates, including Overview & Comparison reports, designed to promote best compliance practices across your team. 

For this scenario, the Portfolio Comparison report would provide a clear head-to-head comparison between a client’s existing portfolio and your proposed one. Advisors can choose from a quick-hitting performance and risk report to more comprehensive ones that delve into asset allocation, exposures, and portfolio fundamentals. Generated in just a few mouse clicks, this not only saves time but also ensures that your reports are consistently thorough and compliant.

Taylor Whelan, CFP®, who serves as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, and Investment Advisor at Whelan Financial, praises YCharts’ reports: “I love the FINRA-reviewed reports; we can show net-of-fee performance and know that those disclosures have been vetted, which is huge for us in maintaining compliance uniformity.”

Generate Personalized Client Reports Efficiently

Gearing up for an upcoming client review meeting? Crafting a personalized experience for your clients is crucial, not only for engaging them during your next conversation but also for making them feel valued and cared for.

YCharts’ Overview Report & Tearsheet templates offer a concise yet personalized approach to generating high-level reports efficiently. These reports can serve as valuable takeaways, perfect for email follow-ups after a meeting or as reference material for clients during portfolio review meetings.

Advisors can customize reports to align with clients’ preferences, whether they prioritize performance or are more focused on minimizing drawdowns and other risk metrics. This personalized approach ensures that the information resonates with each individual’s unique needs and priorities. With YCharts’ templates at your disposal, generating impactful client reports becomes a seamless part of your workflow, allowing you to free up time and focus more on client interactions and strategic planning to grow AUM.

Consistent Client Communication to Retain Their Business

YCharts offers a seamless way to educate your clients with minimal effort. Utilize the Presentation templates within Report Builder, like the Monthly Market Wrap or Quarterly Economic Update deck, to keep clients informed about market trends without spending hours creating new materials.

Per YCharts’ most recent client communication survey, frequent communication with clients enhances their comprehension of the financial landscape and boosts an advisor’s client retention rates. Let YCharts do the heavy lifting, making it easy for you to send this client PSA to everyone at once.  This not only saves you time but also adds extra value for your clients by offering engaging content.

By incorporating YCharts into your client education strategy, you streamline communication, improve client satisfaction, and enhance your advisory practice’s success.

Customized Client Reports with Firm Branding & Disclosures

Small but impactful customizations can make a world of difference when communicating your firm’s value props. With YCharts’ Report Builder, you can input Full Page PDFs that encompass everything from your firm’s values, philosophy, team details, and investment approach and process, seamlessly into your reports. 

Ben Peters, Principal, Lead Advisor & CCO at Burton Enright Welch, underscores the significance of customization, stating, “Leveraging YCharts, we harness updated data and tailor the aesthetics of our reports, amplifying their impact.”

Moreover, YCharts enables you to add custom logos and designate colors that align with your firm’s branding, ensuring a cohesive and professional look across all communications. On the compliance side, practices maintain full autonomy over report and proposal disclosure language. Once you’ve created your customized reports, save them as templates for future use, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways YCharts can help you:

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Send us an email at or call (866) 965-7552. You’ll be directly in touch with one of our Chicago-based team members.

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3. Download a copy of YCharts’ 2024 Advisor-Client Communication Survey:

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