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New iRebal Integration on YCharts: Streamline Your Portfolio Management Workflows

When the data behind your client accounts and model portfolios is hard to get, repeated tasks like report generation, meeting prep, and portfolio maintenance can quickly bog down your day. 

In collaboration with our industry-leading partners, YCharts’ portfolio holdings integrations enable you to quickly import data from a custodian or CRM platform to automate portfolio workflows, create proposals, and run reports using accurate client data. Plus, client and model portfolio data can be leveraged throughout YCharts for visual creation, security research, side-by-side strategy comparisons, and more.

When the tools behind your portfolio workflows are working together seamlessly, new efficiencies are unlocked and data headaches are prevented at their source.

iRebal Portfolio Holdings Integration

Discover the groundbreaking YCharts and iRebal integration, a pivotal advancement in portfolio management for financial advisors. This collaboration simplifies portfolio workflows by facilitating the effortless import and optimization of holdings, leveraging YCharts’ robust analytics tools, including the Portfolio Optimizer, Scenarios, and Attribution Analysis tool. Moreover, it establishes a bidirectional flow, allowing for the direct optimization of portfolios back to iRebal. Experience the efficiency and innovation that define YCharts Integrations through our detailed demonstration video, underscoring how this partnership streamlines and enhances the portfolio management process.

VRGL Portfolio Holdings Integration

Once an advisor has extracted a prospect or client’s financial statements into VRGL, they’ll be able to import the portfolio holdings data into YCharts to build out their analysis using any of the platform’s tools, including Portfolio Optimizer, Comp Tables, Fundamental Charts, and more!

Pershing Portfolio Holdings Integration

The integration between YCharts and Pershing lets users seamlessly import account holdings and weights to build model portfolios, create visually compelling comparison reports, perform in-depth portfolio analysis, and streamline the creation & sharing of client communication and prospecting materials across your team.

Addepar Portfolio Holdings Integration

Addepar users can leverage the portfolio holdings integration to seamlessly import holdings and allocation data into YCharts. When importing, search by Addepar Group or Portfolio, including Accounts, Clients, Funds, and Legal Entities.

Schwab Advisor Center® Portfolio Holdings Integration & SSO

Advisors who custody at Charles Schwab and use Schwab Advisor Center® can leverage the portfolio holdings integration to search by Contact or Account, then import portfolio holdings and allocation data into YCharts.

Further, the Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration enables quick and seamless access to Schwab Advisor Center® from within YCharts. The connection between platforms enables time savings via more efficient security research workflows.

Orion Portfolio Holdings Integration

Orion users can import Client, Account, Model, or Model Aggregate data into YCharts to power their report and proposal generation, as well as further portfolio research.

Black Diamond Portfolio Holdings Integration

Advisors using SS&C Black Diamond in conjunction with YCharts can select from Portfolios and Accounts when importing holdings data.

Redtail Portfolio Holdings Integration & Single-Sign-On

If using Redtail as your customer relationship management (CRM) software, the integration enables you to search by Contact then import their portfolio data into YCharts.

Additionally, the YCharts <> Redtail Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration enables quick and seamless access to YCharts from within Redtail. The connection between platforms enables time savings via more efficient report generation workflows and a quicker, shorter bridge between client and portfolio data.

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